“Shouldn’t we buy our own iPads?” We know that’s on your mind.

When you hear iPad rentals, the first question that comes to your mind might be: ‘Why rent? I might as well buy my own.’

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Well, there are a lot of factors you should consider. After servicing hundreds of clients, we gathered the following list of reasons on why our clients rent iPads from us:

  1. Advancement of Technology: Today, the world is evolving at a much faster pace than we can imagine. By the time we decide to buy a gadget, a newer or enhanced version is already available or about to be launched. The investment you made in purchasing the new device will not be worth it in time to come when there is a newer version following suit just after a short period of time

  3. Maintenance Cost: Every gadget requires maintenance and updates. Thus, the expenditures do not end at the point of purchase. In the event of system failures or flitches, you will require newer accessories, technological upgrades, application developments and repair cost allocations.

  5. Safe Storage Space: In order to keep your gadgets in good working condition, a proper storage space is necessary. This requires you to either create new space or make space for it.

  7. Starting capital: If your company is a large corporation, purchasing numerous computers, iPads and electronic devices, is a must, even though it requires manpower, buying and maintenance costs and storage spaces etc. However, if your company is a start-up or a small business, you would not want to invest in expensive devices right now, but instead use the capital to attract talented people into the company.

  9. Customised App Development: Purchasing customised presentations, apps, or programs are immensely helpful for promoting your company. Yet again, this involves extra costs and manpower allocation.

Still not convinced? Don’t worry, we have a preposition to solve your dilemma.
We, at SGPad rent iPads on an affordable daily rate, with no extra costs and free maintenance during your rental period. We also offer discounts for bulk rentals!

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That’s not all, the best part is that we can also provide you with a Customized App to effectively market your product and/or services. These are developed by our iPad Engagement Specialists who have worked with leading banks, consulting companies and government agencies. Due to these relevant and extensive exposure, our team has much experience and knowledge in this field. Coupling this with smart intellect, we believe that we are able to come up with an engaging App that suits your needs.
Not only is SGPad the solution to getting iPads for your events, it also comes with an added bonus –  for you, there is no hassle!
So why hesitate further? Visit us at www.SGPad.com and send us an email at [email protected] now!
We’ll get back to you in no time. 🙂

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