Event Apps

Audience Engagement App

Live Q&A, Polls, Canvas and Quizzes

Start multiple conversations and listen to what your audience is saying. Conduct exciting live polls and find out how your audience is feeling

Paperless Conference

Consolidate your event agenda, presenters slides, videos, PDFs and images into one location. Save time and cost of printing sheets of paper.


Find out which speaker or agenda is the most popular and how well your content is being received.

Survey Collection App


Save time as we help you digitize your paper forms for the iPad. Increase the speed and efficiency of completing surveys using iPads.

Instant Results

See your survey results immediately as they come in, no totalling or calculation of scores needed.

Offline Mode

Do without internet connection as survey results can also be stored offline and uploaded later

Incorporate some of these ideas into your event app

Event Schedule

Inform your guests on the day's events' timings and descriptions.

Venue Map

Embed a map into your App to allow users to easily find their way to your venue and navigate within.

Collect Feedback/Data

Collect feedback or data from your guests digitally through the use of in-app survey.

Interactive Handouts

Consolidate all your handouts into the App and add videos and photos.

Encourage Guest Interaction

Integrate social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter into your App to increase guest interactions.

Photos Upload

Encourage guests to take and upload photos using your app so you will never miss a happy memory of your event.