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If you have browsed kickstarter recently, you might have seen a thing or two that has really gotten you excited, or even delighted. What’s more, on kickstarter, you can play a part in making it a reality! In no specific order, here are just some of our favourites that we have come across.

Prevent Malaria with an iPhone

It seems like anyone can detect Malaria now with just a smartphone! Biomedical Engineers at Texas A&M University are developing a technology that transforms a smartphone into a polarized microscope. Traditional microscopes require a professional technician and now it’s a portable device that can be brought around anywhere!

The smartphone will screen a blood sample using polarized light and “detect a malaria parasite byproduct called Hemozoin crystals which appear as very bright dots in the image and are an accurate indicator of infection.” With the smartphone, a diagnosis is done within minutes via a phone application.

Technology has evolved so much and we can do so much with a smart device right now!


Source: Reuters

Ulo? Who’s there?

Ever felt like you needed an extra pair of eyes because you just can’t leave your house or office without feeling like you don’t know what is going on? Or you just wanted to know things are going smoothly even when you can’t be there?

Fret not because Ulo is probably the cutest device that you want to plant it anywhere you need an extra set of eyes to be! Gone away are boring surveillance cameras installed at the corners that require a TV screen to monitor. Here’s an owl that does the job for you!

Ulo is a portable surveillance camera that interacts with you as a pet! With cuztomisable eyes, it will sure keep a look out for you when you’re not around! It even signals you whenever battery is going low by looking really really sleepy. Link it to your smartphone via WiFi and control it via an application.

It blinks when you take a snapshot and it’s eyes follow your movement by squinting during a live video. There are many other features such as alert mode, live video, night vision and many more. Keeping an eye on things will never be the same because it’s so cute, nobody will be suspicious that you’re actually watching on your smartphone!


Source: Kickstarter

There’s more to an egg than a sunny side-up

Nothing frustrates me more than not being able to find the right remote control for the different appliances! There’s a remote for the TV, stereo, DVD player, the fan, AC, switch for lights.. I could go on. I wished so much for all to be compacted into one remote whereby I could control everything at a go.

That’s when I think my prayers were heard and answered with this egg! With a SmartEgg, controlling your electronic devices are made seamless and easy. All you have to do is connect your smartphone to any infrared device via Bluetooth and now you can control everything with just one phone!


Source: Kickstarter

By placing the SmartEgg and configuring your usual settings, it is able to detect movement and make sure that the appliances are switched on to your comfort when you’re around. With over 5,500 remotes in their database, you are sure to find the remote to control your electronic gadgets.

With highly customisable features such as creating your scene, adding a timer, monitoring the temperature of your surrounding and even putting your favourite show on hold when you receive an incoming call. All these are made possible with state-of-the-art looking device; portable and high-tech.

Moreover, all these are made possible when you own a smartphone or even tablet! Here’s one thing that will make you go “Wow, really?!” because it’s created in Singapore!

Like it? Print it!

Browsing through Pintrest or WeHeartIt is so painful sometimes because they have amazing visuals but sometimes you have no idea how to actualize it or even DIY it. However, with Glowforge, everything is made printable! If you like it, just print it!

Not just printing but engraving and even lazer cutting! How cool is that? It’s an entire workshop but without the sawdust and hammering of nails. You can now print anything you want on any surfaces. Ranging from leather, plastic, wood and even a MacBook.

Watch the amazing product demonstration here!


Source: Glowforge

Nothing is impossible to print as long as you have Glowforge and all you have to do is push a single button.
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Janelle Teo

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