Top 3 Things That We Love about iOS9

Being someone who loves to multi-task and have everything at my fingertips, iOS 9 is a seamless update for me.

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The first thing I love about iOS 9 is that the notes allow me to insert photos and even do up a check-list. This eases my grocery shopping experience because all I have to do is to snap a picture of the brand of detergent I use at home and make sure I get the same one from the supermarket. I can also do up a check-list and ensure that I don’t miss out a single thing. The tools are so helpful because I get to draw or highlight the grocery that I should prioritize.
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Another feature is the ability to multi-task effectively! In the past, you wouldn’t be able to read e-mails while being on FaceTime with your loved ones. With the new update, you can do both at the same time which is brilliant! Not only can you check your e-mails and reply, you can still talk to my loved ones even after escaping the app.
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The third and final thing that I love about this new iOS is that my keyboard doubles up as a trackpad! There’s no need to minimise the keyboard and highlight the words but I can simply use two fingers and slide over the keyboard which instantly transforms into a trackpad. It clearly demonstrates that the absence of a physical keyboard and mouse is unnecessary when using an iPad.
These are just 3 things that I love so much about the new iOS 9, what about you?
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Janelle Teo

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