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“Failure is the mother of success”, this phrase holds true on many levels especially for Stewart Butterfield, the boss of Slack, a workplace messaging service that brings all your communication together in one place. Having developed an online-video game that never took off, Mr Butterfield and team developed an internal messaging system while creating another online game 4 years later. This then became a basis for Slack.


Contrary to its definition of laziness, Slack is actually one of the fastest-growing business software in the tech industry with approximately 3 million daily users and one-third paying customers. That said, you are probably one of the 3 million users on Slack too.


How it Works

Get over the tradition of having to communicate via a template through email, they are so passé. Slack is similar to our old-school instant messengers. You can organise your chat into private and public channels that can be synced across your devices.




But this is not only a communication tool. It is also a collaboration tool that can improve your productivity. How?


The last thing you want to do is to navigate across many different tabs to complete just one task. With the implementation of third-party apps into your chats now, you don’t have to leave Slack often to perform other tasks on the web anymore.


Message Buttons

You can book a flight, approve new job postings, file an expense report and even invite your colleagues for lunch all within Slack now. For those using the project-management software, Trello, you can also have an easier time creating new projects, adding members and setting deadlines just by clicking buttons in your Slack channel. Everything on one app. How awesome is that?


slack approval

Source: cnet


With this new feature, it looks like Slack will become an indispensable tool that companies will utilise every day. We will also be able to see more of such “Buttons” as Slack hinted that they are building another wave.


Using Slack in your workplace? What’s your take?


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