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driverless taxi

Speaking about the taxi competition in Singapore earlier, it looks like the taxi companies will be facing more competition with the new entrant, nuTonomy, a self-driving car start-up. It is developing a first-of-its-kind solution for provision of point-to-point mobility via the autonomous vehicles. In other words, they are providing a driverless car service to ferry you around Singapore.


NuTonomy has announced its partnership with Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) to begin its public trial of the self-driving taxi services earlier this month. These rides will be confined within the relatively uncongested one-north business district. Singapore was chosen as the first stop for such service because of its high taxis demand, well-maintained roads and government regulations that are clearly expressed. In fact, nuTonomy has been testing its autonomous vehicles since April this year, so don’t be alarmed if you see a driverless taxi roaming the streets.



Source: Tech in Asia


But still apprehensive about the safety of this driverless service? Well, technically, there will still be a support engineer and backup safety driver to take control of the car if the trip goes out of relatively uncongested one-north business district during this trial period.

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In preparation for the launch of the commercial autonomous vehicle service in 2018, the trial data collected will be used to evaluate the software performance, routing efficiency, booking process as well as the overall passenger experience. The partnership will also see an expansion and acceleration of the company’s development efforts in Singapore.


Talking about this service is already making us feel excited for the trial. With the advancement of technology, we wonder what does the future hold for us?

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