Putting Steve Jobs’ iPad to Innovative Use (Episode 4)

iPad & DNA

William Coburn, a designer at nClosures, came up with this idea of fixing iPads onto double helix frames to imitate DNA structure. Each iPad displayed information from their research on DNA. Not only is it beneficial as an educational tool but also a work of art!


Photo Credit: www.ubergizmo.com

iPad Adapted Game Stations

Here are 2 interesting products for entertainment that complement the iPad: A foosball table and a game station. Both of them are portable and fit the size of the iPad.

So… how does an iPad fit on a foosball table? Let’s allow the picture to do the talking, shall we? Take a look below.


Photo Credit: gadgetsin.com

Basically, you fit the iPad onto the frame of the table and there you have it, you can start playing foosball! In case you’re worried that the battery may run out halfway while you’re winning, the table also serves as a charging dock for your iPad.

Alternatively, you can try iCade out for an indoor mini arcade game station!


Photo Credit: www.technologytell.com

Speaking of games…

How about a game of Poker?

iPad as cards for poker

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

As fun as poker may be, those look like some heavy cards to play poker with. We wouldn’t be surprised if the players ended up with sore wrists after an hour or two! Moreover, 52 iPads seem like a hefty investment for a game of poker.

What other interesting iPad uses have you came across before?
We would like to know them too! ☺

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Xue Ming


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