Putting Steve Jobs’ iPad to Innovative Use (Episode 3)

In this episode, we showcase 2 creative products that complement the iPad, as well as one out-of-the-box idea that a man used to present an iPad as a gift.

A Pocket For An iPad

shirt with iPad pocket

Photo Credit: iClothing

We often stow our mobile phones or wallets in the pockets of our jeans. Davina Reichman and Luke Staley, a pair of Australian designers have leveraged on this idea and created new clothes with pockets large enough to fit an iPad! Convenient as it seems, we cannot fathom how it would feel like to carry an iPad around in this manner.
iPad Typewriter
iPad typewriter

Photo Credit: www.usbtypewriter.com

The iPad typewriter is another hybrid (Check out our previous sharing on ‘Hybrid Meetings’) integrating both old and new technology. The first typewriters have existed since the 1800s, being one of the earliest technologies that allow imprinting of words on paper. This technology has since developed over the years into modern computers that are widely used today. Following that, Steve Jobs created the iPad, a tablet that also can serves this function among others.
Jack Zylkin, the inventor of interest here, discovered an old typewriter on the side of a road. This led to his invention of the iPad Typewriter, which he also calls the ‘USB Typewriter’.
Here’s his website if you want to find out more about his invention and its purpose.
This spectacular creation has again exemplified how the iPad has replaced the role of paper, thus reinforcing the idea of “Going paperless with technology”.
Chocolate Gift Wrapper For An iPad

Photo Credit: Flickr,

A loving husband decided to give his wife (an Apple product enthusiast) a surprise for her birthday. Instead of boring common wrapping papers, Stefan Magdalinski used a more unique alternative. He gave his friends who ran a chocolate shop a fresh challenge: wrapping the iPad in Chocolate.

Photo Credit: Flickr

Chocolate and iPad… seems like she got the best of both worlds! Lucky girl! ☺
By the way, do check out Episodes 1 and 2 for other innovative iPad uses!
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Xue Ming

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