Opto – Virtual Reality Headset for the Living Room

Want to own the first portable virtual reality headset with built-in audio? Then check out Opto, an all-in-one device that allows users to enjoy movies, videos, photos and games as long as you have a smartphone screen size between 4 to 5.5 inches.




Simply remove the front cover, drop in your smartphone, connect the audio and snap the front cover back on to indulge in your virtual experience. As easy as that. Feeling fascinated? There are more in store for you to be feeling excited about!


Let’s see what people have to say about this product.


1. Convenience

This headset is manufactured using lightweight foam, making it easy to bring along and comfortable to wear. That said, you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself when you bump into the glass when you are using Opto in the train. They have got you covered!


2. Extra large lenses

You can now be more focused and absorbed in your virtual experience with the greater clarity and area of view in Opto Virtual Reality Headset. Just let free and immerse in your own virtual world for a moment.


3. Magnetic cover

Thinking of the troubles of manually having to adjust your mobile phones to fit in the Opto devices? Don’t have to worry because it comes with a magnetic cover that is detachable so you can conveniently attach your phone onto your Opto device again after use.


4. Go wireless

No longer have to fiddle with your tangled earpiece before watching your videos or listening to songs anymore. With the built-in audio, you can save a lot of hassle since you don’t have to feel frustrated trying to untangle your ear piece anymore.



Source: Core 77


They have already started out testing the new parts for this device. Can’t wait for it to be out in the market! How will it change the way we view things from now on?

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