More Carpooling Options with GrabShare?


Last year, we have seen a price war between Uber and Grab in the private-hire car market in Singapore. Both companies were slashing their fare prices to entice more commuters in an attempt to gain more market share. Last month, Grab seemed to have taken the competition one step further by introducing its version of social carpooling service, GrabShare. This comes amid the growing popularity of carpooling apps, with more commuters seeking to share rides with strangers for a cheaper alternative.


Before the launch of GrabShare, Grab already has its own carpooling service or otherwise known as GrabHitch. While it presents a cheaper alternative to the other ride-hailing options, it might get a little challenging to successfully hitch a ride especially if you are in a rush. After all, the GrabHitch drivers are non-commercial drivers who do not drive for a profit. They are just car owners making their car seats available to those heading to the same destination. So it really depends on your luck!


GrabShare vs GrabHitch


Now with GrabShare, it might be another win for the commuters. For typical commuters like you and I, an ideal option would be the one that provides the best value for money. With more options available, Grab and Uber have also been more generous with their promo codes in order to keep up with the competition.


If you do not mind sharing your rides with strangers, the commercial carpooling service is definitely a cheaper alternative and you do not have to wait long before you find a driver. Another interesting concept is the ease of striking a conversation with the drivers and your fellow commuters that seem almost impossible in your typical public transport.


Grab Comparison


Just look at that the prices to the same destination. The carpooling services on GrabShare and GrabHitch cost much lesser than GrabCar although it might take some time to find a driver on GrabHitch.


The only shortcoming is getting an “extended scenic route” around Singapore if the drivers have to make a detour to pick up or drop off passengers along your ride. Only then will you realise that Singapore is actually not that tiny.


Other than that, the carpooling service seems to be ideal if you have extra time to spare. Do you have any interesting experience with these carpooling services? We welcome you to share them with us!

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