iPhone SE

iPhone SE

If you always have problems stuffing your iPhone 6s into your skinny jeans, then you might want to consider the smaller piece of technology – iPhone SE. Months after releasing iPhone 6s, Apple unveiled its special edition, the iPhone SE.


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Modelled after the design of iPhone 5s and the features of iPhone 6s, iPhone SE is Apple’s cheapest smartphone. This has to be the must-get phone for those who are looking at the upgraded features of iPhone 6s but not wanting to make the leap to a larger screen size. With a 4-inch display screen, the iPhone SE uses the same A9 chip with 64-bit architecture and an embedded M9 motion processor, making it as powerful as the iPhone 6s now.


iPhone SE


But if it is as powerful as the 6s, wouldn’t the battery life be shortened? Don’t worry, Apple has got you covered! The efficient processor put in a smaller body will require lesser power. In fact, there are many reviews out there boasting about its solid battery life.


Now let’s move on to the fun stuff!



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Similar to iPhone 6s, iPhone SE has the same 12-megapixel rear camera is capable of recording 4K quality video and live photos that are essentially mini videos that comes in the form of pictures when you apply pressure to it. But if you are a selfie person, uh-oh, the front camera only takes 1.2-megapixel photo.

iPhone SE camera

Source: Tech Insider


More than just the camera features, iPhone SE also comes with iOS 9. You can even use it to make payments via Apple Pay.



One major drawback, for some, will be the storage space. If you love taking photos or have a music playlist that is never ending, then you are likely to max out iPhone SE’s maximum storage capacity of 64GB.


However, we believe that the cheaper prices will justify for the lack of certain features compared to iPhone 6s. So if you are looking a high quality phone that isn’t huge, iPhone SE is just for you.

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