iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro

With the launch of the new iPad Pro, no doubt people are going to say how massive the it is because in comparison to the iPad Air 2, it is almost as big as a MacBook!

This is making consumers even more indecisive because it may just be the next viable alternative to the MacBook Pro Retina. Traditionally, the laptop is able to contain much more storage and is more user friendly with better keyboards and shortcuts. However, every Apple fanatic knows that products get slimmer with time as technology gets more and more advanced! Such advancements have now made the iPad Pro just as functional as the good old Macbook. With features such as video editing, and even multi-tasking, both products are almost comparable.

Although OS X offers pretty substantial software upgrades, the new iOS9 comes in close with side-by-side multi-tasking available on both the MacBook and iPad. “And with each release, Apple gets closer to parity between mobile and desktop as it integrates technologies from both operating systems across platforms” (Lovejoy, 2015).

iPad Pro

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Macbook Pro

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With a mere difference of 0.4” in screen size, the iPad Pro does not pale in comparison as compared to the MacBook Pro.


Photo Credit: 9to5mac.com

However, which to choose from? My answer is still it depends! Would you want to be carry a 12.9” flat screen around and use it with features almost as good as a MacBook, or stick to the traditional laptop, the choice is up to you!

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Janelle Teo

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