iPad Pro 9.7. Yay or Nay

iPad Pro

Smaller in Size, Greater Variety of Features

Ever thought of bringing your iPad Pro out, but feel that it’s too heavy? Don’t worry, your solution is here! Apple has come up with the next generation of iPad, the iPad Pro 9.7. It’s incredibly portable, weighing at only 0.96 pounds compared to the iPad Pro 12.9 at 1.57 pounds. Don’t belittle its smaller design, it’s definitely more capable and versatile than before.


iPad Pro 9.7

 Source: engadget


So what’s different in this new series of iPad? Let’s explore some of these new features.


1. Turn up the radio

The new iPad Pro boasts a better quality output stereo with a high-fidelity speaker in each corner. Don’t have to worry about the adjusting the orientation of your iPad to achieve the best output stereo because now, it automatically adjusts the orientation of the high frequencies to your topmost speakers. So whether you are watching a video or playing a game, you will be completely immersed in it!


2. Awesome retina display

You know it’s gonna be a serious thing when Apple keeps boasting about its display. iPad Pro 9.7 comes with a wider colour gamut that matches that of a iMac Retina 5k display, delivering a 25% greater colour saturation for more vivid colours. It is Apple’s most advanced display – the brightest and least reflective.


3. Multitasking made easier

iPad Pro now allows two apps to run side by side with an optional video window overlaid in one corner. Coupled with the Smart Keyboard, this feature is exceptionally useful for those who want to navigate between several apps. For businessman, you can easily check on your sales performance graph while generating your report concurrently on the iPad Pro now.


2. iPad Pro 9.7


4. Super laptop

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Whether you are playing games, doing work or editing a video, you no longer have to worry about its performance. Equipped with the A9X processor, the CPU performance is 1.8 times more responsive than the iPad Air 2. Even editing a 4K video is so much smoother now.


Now that we have explored some of these key features, are you more keen in getting one for yourself? Incredible power at its lightest. Just one word – Super. 





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