iOS 10 – Awesome Features You Should Know


It doesn’t come as a surprise for Apple to call its iOS 10 the “biggest release ever”. It is the most anticipated and significant iOS revamp that has the most updates for the mobile interface as well as a number of apps and features. Here are some of the best features!


Raise to Wake

Hate pressing your home button? Or your Touch ID is just too fast for you to press the home button without unlocking the phone? For those of you who are annoyed by this, good news for you! Apple has added this new feature that shows you your notifications every time you pick up your devices. So much more convenient for those who just want to look at your incoming notifications or time.



More than just your lock screen now. The lock screen is split into 3 sections with the middle being your default view. And instead of swiping up, you have to swipe to your right to access the camera in the new iOS now. Widgets also let you look at your calendar, weather info and others if you swipe left.


ios10widget Source: 9TO5Mac

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Still communicating with words? Then perhaps time for some changes! iOS 10 now offers you suggestions for the words that have an emoji associated with them in the Message app. Well, this might sound like nothing impressive but wait till you start taking a long time to look for those emoji that you seldom use.


iMessage App Store

This is definitely one of the biggest iOS 10 announcements. It has its own App Store now. That said, you can now order food, shop and travel within iMessage. And, what’s more? You can also take a selfie and send it over to your friends without having to leave your iMessage now. Definitely one of the best integration so far!


Photo Memories

They say “pictures are worth a thousand words but memories are priceless”. This Memories feature groups your photos together based on the location and people in the photo to generate a video slideshow. Tell me that I’m not the only one who thinks it’s lovely.


iosmemoriesSource: iPhone Hacks


Here are just some of our favourite features. Share yours with us!


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