How to Attract More People to your Trade Show booth

The sight of people deterred from approaching any booths that are either inundated with product marketers or visitors that crowd up the entire booth area of one or two adjoining booths is common during trade shows.
Even for the more empty booths, the overly enthusiastic product marketers are at most times intimidating and often encroach into a personal space most wished they wouldn’t cross.

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While it t is understandable that they are merely doing their jobs, for a person who wants a softer method of approach, the intrusive vibes created at the booths prove to be utterly daunting.
However, despite the crowds and discomfort, it certainly does not stop me from wanting to gather information on my own. Booths that offer coloured brochures add appeal and those that set up iPads (Click to read our post on iPad Stands) for basic informative games are highly attractive. Instead of being overwhelmed by the flood of excited sales people, any visitor, in their own time, can enjoy the process of finding out more about companies and their products during trade shows.
So why don’t more businesses use iPads?
An iPad is lightweight and with its technologies, a lot of brochures, company videos, apps and games can be installed. For trade show visitors, it would greatly enhance the experience if anyone could just pick up one of the iPads from the booth and proceed to find what they need.
The renting of iPads to use at trade shows also gives a good opportunity for businesses to gain new emails, which could eventually become successful sales leads. Let’s say, someone shows interest in one of the products and the company offered to send them the brochure via email. What are the chances they would decide against simply typing their email into the iPad to send themselves what they want?
Another regret would be the large stacks of leaflets collected by the end of every trade show, which probably ends up in the dump. In order to attract any visitor’s attention, you could beautify the medium you use to attract it. You can also impress the occasional environmentalist by Going Paperless with the iPad and its associated handy apps. Moreover, why make the job of your product marketer any harder than it already is?
Whatever the reason, the point is that listening to endless sales pitches is somewhat an unavoidable element of attending Trade Shows. Thus, having an alternative medium for visitors to find information, or a medium to enhance the pitch through interesting and amazing pictures would definitely be useful. With only an iPad, how many more people would more gladly listen to his or her sales pitch?
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Xue Ming

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