Apple, IBM and Japan Post’s latest partnership

It has been roughly 5 years since Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPad in 2010 and until today, it continues to serve as an integral role in the lives of many people. To us, the iPad is like an icon of the future! Its functionality continues to evolve and improve our quality of life.
In one of their recent press releases, Apple announced their collaboration with IBM and Japan Post Group. The representatives are Tim Cook, Ginni Rometty and Taizo Nishimuro respectively.

This project was announced at IBM’s new headquarters in New York City, where Taizo Nishimuro, President/CEO of Japan Post Holdings Co. Ltd., said:
“…designing experiences that are easy to use for seniors, the kind of intuitive experience the iPad is famous for.” – Taizo Nishimuro.
Don’t you agree with him, that it is indeed the intuitive experience that entices so many people to use the iPad? Ah, but it is more rare to see elderly using iPads… and that’s where this collaboration comes in!



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This collaborative project targets to benefit about 5 million elderly (65 years old and above) in Japan by 2020. In brief, Apple provides the iPad, IBM develops the Apps and Japan Post Group manages the “Watch Over” service.
The key concept of this project is ‘iPad monitoring’ – using the iPad to monitor the welfare of senior citizens. Each iPad will come with elderly-friendly apps that help with their household maintenance, medical services and caregiving.
Doesn’t this sound like a great idea? Just imagine, that in the midst of our busy lifestyles, we can continue to keep tabs on how our parents or grandparents are doing while giving them the independence they seek – all with an iPad.
According to the Guardian, about 22% of Japanese work at least 49 hours a week. That’s about 9-10 hours per day assuming they take Sundays off! It’s also 5 hours longer than Singapore’s limit by law, which is 44 hours per week. How would they find time to regularly visit their parents and have the energy to take care of them given their long work hours? Perhaps in time, this collaboration can eventually provide some answers to this question.
Nonetheless, it’s only the first piece of news about this project. We will update you guys again when there’s further news, either of a continuation of this collaboration or other news related to iPads.

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