5 Essential iPad Apps at Home

Watching movies, playing games, video calling, reading… These are just the tip of the iceberg. iPads offer us so much more, in ways that some of us may find unbelievable. Ever had a hard time imagining what your kitchen would look like in a new colour, or worried if that antique dressing table you just inherited will fit into your bedroom? With an iPad, all your household problems are solved! In this post, we list 5 apps for home maintenance and improvement that you simply can’t live without. Feel free to try them out and give us your feedback!
1. TapPainter
Finding it hard to visualise colours? Afraid you might ruin a room with the wrong hue? TapPainter is here to save the day! As the app says, “Tap, paint, love!” TapPainter assists in visualising a great number of interior spaces in new colours, with respect to their natural lighting conditions and with no artificial rendering necessary. Furthermore, it allows selection of preferred colour, paint brand and conversion of selected colours into paint codes, so that you may easily find your chosen colour during purchase. So wait no more, try TapPainter out!
2. BigOven
This isn’t your typical recipe app. Have you noticed how often you store leftovers in the refrigerator, only to throw them out two nights later? Wel, BigOven ensures you never ever commit such a wasteful sin again. It has a “Use Up Leftovers” feature that allows you to enter the ingredients or leftovers you have on hand to see what dishes you can still concoct with them. When you find a recipe you like, BigOven can help you organise them within categories such as things you want to try, things you’ve made, and things you’ve posted yourself. Cool, isn’t it?
3. EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry
EatingWell Healthy
Now this is the ideal app for the modern health-conscious individual. If you are living a fast-paced life with a demanding job and never-ending deadlines, chances are you won’t have time for filling and nutritious meals. This is where EatingWell comes in. It houses only quick and rewarding recipes, all preloaded into the app, so you don’t need any Internet access to view them. In addition, it features lots of nutritional facts and figures as well. Complementing this is a unique search function that lets you look up the benefits of each dish, such as those aimed at promoting a healthy heart or reducing your waist line. And if that isn’t enough, EatingWell also compiles a shopping list, your personal bookmarks, and sends a daily recipe to your smartphone in case you are having a hard time deciding what to make.
4. BrightNest
If you ever experienced the dilemma of needing to complete a chore, yet not knowing how to do it, this is the app for you. BrightNest presents many simple and quick tips on how to manage your household tasks as efficiently as possible. It also incorporates features like personal schedules and helpful reminders to add value to its service. From basic maintenance to cleaning tricks to home décor ideas, BrightNest ensures that you keep your home in great shape without breaking a sweat!
5. Chorma
Does your obnoxious brother constantly deny his dishwashing duty at home? Do you feel like the burden of sweeping and mopping always falls on you and never on your roommate? Well, we feel you. Luckily, Chorma is here to help! It organises chores in an easy and fun manner, so everyone will be fairly delegated his or her respective duties. A value-added feature is a points reward system, which is of course most ideal for kids. No more shirking of responsibilities in this house!

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Desmond Chan

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