4 Simple Ways to Take Care of Your iPad

There are many ways of caring for your iPads, most of which you can easily find online. However, some tend to be too technical and others too troublesome. In reality, caring for your iPads can be a piece of cake. Here’s a list of 4 simple ways to give your iPads the care they require:
1. Clean your screen regularly
It is best to use a microfibre or a soft lint-free cloth. This prevents cloth fibre from scratching your iPad screens. If you slightly dampen the cloth, it will also clean your iPad better in terms of getting rid of stubborn stains.
Next, find all those annoying fingerprints, oil and grime that has been bugging you forever and in a circular motion, use your cloth to wipe them all off.
A thing to note is that iPad screens have an oleophobic coating that is sensitive to harsher solvents. Thus, avoid using items that will damage this coating. These items include but are not limited to: Alcohol-based solutions, abrasives, household cleaning solvents or ammonia. Do exercise caution when choosing the cleaning materials for your iPad.
2. Preserve your battery life

preserve battery life

It has become commonplace to hear gadget users complaining about reduced battery lives after using the gadget for some time. This too applies to iPads, but is it the battery’s fault?
iPads are in-built with Lithium-ion batteries. Such batteries have rather low discharge rates of approximately 5% per month. This also suggests that they are supposed to last longer per charge. This type of batteries also has the “no memory effect”, which means it is actually fine to keep charging or leave your iPads to charge overnight.
Even though batteries naturally degrade overtime, heat can permanently reduce battery life. Therefore, leave your iPads somewhere away from the direct sun or heat source.
One recommendation is to go through at least 1 charge cycle per month. Understandably, most of you lead busy lifestyles and such gadgets are usually left to charge overnight. So what can you do? You can take one of your less busy days (E.g. Sunday) to run your iPad through 1 charge cycle. This means charging your iPad to 100%, then drain it completely before charging it again.
3. Storage
As per all electronics, you should probably avoid storing your iPads in places that are exposed to moisture or pose the risk of starting electrical fires.
Apple recommends users to store iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) where the temperature is between -20 to 45 degrees’ Celsius. Sounds rather technical, doesn’t it?
Let’s look at it from the “Everyday life” perspective instead. These gadgets are often left in our cars, bags or on worktables. We often assume that they are going to be perfectly fine as long as no one sits on it or it drops. However, the environment you place your iPads should be taken into consideration. For example, on a hot day with the sun’s overbearing rays shining on your car, it may not be a good idea to leave your iPad inside, vulnerable to such conditions for extended periods of time.
4. Protection & Security
Regardless of how sturdy an iPad is, treating it with carelessness is bound to send it on a trip to the repair shop. After all, we’ve seen our fair share of people who have ‘cracked screens’, ‘chipped edges’ or ‘lost iPads’.
First, physical damage to iPads can be avoided by storing it in a sleeve or bag. This external layer protects it from occasional damage due to knocks or other physical impacts.
Second, always ensure your iPads are left in secure places with minimal theft risk. If you’re leaving it in public areas, such as at events or exhibitions, you may consider renting our iPad Security Cases.
ipad security

We hope you’ve learnt a thing or two on how to take better care of your iPads from this sharing. Stay tuned for more posts to come! ?
Written by:
Xue Ming

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