Why an iPad?

Since there are so many device options like LEDs, laptops and Macbooks, then why, you might ask, do you need an iPad?
Whether you are at a business event or using it for leisure activities, iPad is the perfect thing for you to have. It’s a product that combines technologically advanced features, ease of use and handling. And everyone eyes it!
What more can you ask for?
iPad is your perfect choice for any event where you are looking to capture your audience’s attention. We know you are not planning to buy one. That’s where we come in. SGPad has a fleet of iPads for you to rent at an affordable rate. Renting will allow you to have the freedom to use the iPad for a specific time span depending on your requirement.
– You can rent it for as many days as you wish.
– You may use it as you like, watch movies after the event
– You also get apps you require
– You get technical support round the clock.
SGPad offers you easy rental plans starting from a single day to a whole month. We rent iPads to businesses, events, conferences, seminars, tourist groups. Our gadgets are top-notch, in perfect condition, offering our clients the ultimate iPad experience. Our efficient team ensures that you are always taken care of, at every single step, right from order placement till the iPad pick up.
This is our promise to you.
Your iPad is just click away from you!
Go ahead, contact us at www.SGPad.com today or email us at [email protected] now!

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