Marketing Ideas for Rental Businesses

Having been in the rental business for a couple of months now and as a marketing major myself, I’ve realized that marketing and advertising for a smaller niche business is extremely different from marketing a large firm or organization.
We’re currently working on SEO (search engine optimization), Google Adwords, and some word-of-mouth promotions and and are currently looking for more ideas so we did some useful web crawling and see what we found (my own thoughts in italics!):

1. Partner with other similar businesses:
look for other businesses who have your same target audience and bundle your services together. Hmmm… we’ve been working mainly with event companies, education companies and startups who use our iPads for presentations. Anyone out there with a similar audience? We’re friendly people and would love to work together!
2. Put your logo on your products:
create some stickers and paste them on your products. We’re not too sure about point 2 for SGPad as we don’t know how our customers will react to it! Will go try it out soon though – SGPad stickers sound like fun!
3. Use promotions:
set up booths with games and special offers and events relevant to your target customers. Make it easy for your prospective customers to see all the benefits of renting a product with your company. Great food for thought here! SGPad is positioning ourselves as a iPad deployment specialist and should have a booth that does not just give out flyers – but rather demonstrate the myriad ways potential customers can deploy iPads that add great value to their businesses.
4. Speaking at events:
speaking at events as a startup founder might not get you paid a lot, but what it would do for you is help increase recall amongst your customers as well as be seen as an expert in the field. Love speaking already – just need to find the right events that would want us!
5. Press releases: (from
Take a look at the People section of your business newspaper. Every one of those items came from a press release. And all those companies are getting free publicity.
What have you done that merits a release? How about:

  • winning an award
  • hiring two new employees
  • landing a big contract

If you can’t think of any reason for a release, create one. Donate used equipment to a local school, offer your services to a non-profit organization, and sponsor a festival. Editors use releases that contain real news, not advertising.
Make sure to include contact information, and a little background information about your company. You might also want to mail a copy of your service brochure or company profile with the release. And, if you have them, good quality photos are always a plus.
Great idea here again! Going to write to some awesome news sites with some ideas for events when i’m done with this blog post!
6. Sampling:
let some of your target customers try your service for free so that they have a good feel of how the service can help them. Could be potentially tricky as we have to collect deposits on the rentals as well as make deliveries… worth keeping in mind though!
7. Referral Letters:
create a strong case for existing customers, or relevant organizations to refer customers to you. Referring customers to you with a mark-up could end up becoming a mutually beneficial source of income for both parties. Ok noted, will make a point to do this when I interact with future customers. Will also make it evident in company newsletter.
8. Newsletters:
offer real news and information that your clients would like to use, and some reason to subscribe. We’re in the process of trying to do this but are still working on the content part. What if we duplicate the content of our blog and send it out anyway? Hmmm…

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