iPads in 2012 (OPA Research)

A recent survey published by Online Publishers Association has revealed several insights regarding the usage of tablets in 2012. We thought it would be interesting to share a couple of their findings relating to iPads with you.

1. Explosion of tablet owners in 2012. People are spending more of their time on tablets, a shift away from laptops and PCs. It is important for businesses to recognize this trend and make sure that their websites are mobile-friendly or that they have a mobile app to engage customers.

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2. We rent iPad2 s because they are the most common tablet out there right now and people are most familiar with iPads. If you group iPads as a whole, they account for 52% of the tablet market in 2012, down from 2011. This is mainly because of people buying ebook readers such as the Kindle and Nook as their secondary tablet device for reading books.

3. Another reason why we rent iPads is because it makes our customers more satisfied. iOS has 95% satisfaction rate compared to 87% on the Android platform.

4. Tablets are now becoming more mainstream as more females and older folks are starting to adopt them.

5. Mobile commerce is taking off as a typical US citizen spend an average of US$359 purchasing products using their tablets in the last 12 months. We expect Asian countries to follow this trend as well.

SGPad will continue to monitor trends in the industry and make informed recommendations to assist our clients in areas such as iPad rental, deployment and app development.

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