iPad for Rent

Are you looking to rent an iPad 2?

We are an iPad specialist in Singapore with expertise in iPad solutions such as rental, tech integration, setup, and support and app development.

All our iPads are 2nd Generation that comes with a 3G SIM card (with unlimited data access). iPad 2 provides a 10 hour battery life and front camera, offering you longer lasting mobility and the features you need.

We currently offer free delivery to deliver and collect back the iPad from you.


Here are our standard pricing:

iPad 2 Rental Service

$39.90 per day per iPad

(Please contact us at 98389072 for bulk discounts)


Free Rental Add-Ons:

  • 3G SIM Card (with internet access)
  • iPad2 cable and charger
  • iPad2 casing & screen protector

Other Information:

  • All of the items are contained in a small bag to help you carry them around easily.
  • We provide tech integration services if you do not know what app to use and also iOS/Android app development. Just let us know of your needs.


Please contact 98389072 to rent an iPad 2 today!

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