Innovative Uses of the iPad




We have been talking about iPad being a useful communication tool at company events. And, you have also been thinking about how to effectively put it to use.
To give you ideas, we will continually bring you examples from the industry on innovative uses of iPad.
1. Burberry, London Fashion Week
Burberry used iPad for an Enhanced In-Store Experience, converting viewing into purchasing Burberry, the high-end fashion wear brand conducted a private viewing of the Burberry collection at the London Fashion Week. They handed over an iPad to the in-store customers to buy the collection immediately through a custom-built Burberry application. Burberry stated that the app “creates luxury customer purchasing experience,” and allows the customers to view relevant video look-books and films. They now have included iPad for customers in 25 Burberry stores in 16 countries.
2. iPad to enhance guests’ experience at hotels
People are surrounded by technology in today’s times. When customers are travelling and staying in a hotel, they suddenly go back in time to 1965, because of not being connected. In order to make their stay better connected, Hotel Indigo in San Diego offered guests with iPad carrying an app to that connects to room service, concierge, housekeeping, and bellman services. Some hotels have also stated to keep iPads at the front desk and allow the guests to use for a short while, making their stay more complete.
3. For the ease of Wine Lovers
South Gate, a restaurant adjacent to New York City’s Central Park, introduced a simpler product search using an iPad. It was the first restaurant in the city to digitize its wine list, in which customers could instantly sort wines by price and type, and gain information about each wine. They had an inventory of over 650 wine labels that usually consumes 30 sheets of paper. The iPad provided a relief for both the management and the diners of South Gate.
We will keep sharing case studies with you and help you think of newer ways to implement it in your events.

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