Fitting the charm of Singapore into the hands of travelers.

Hey guys! This is going to be our very first blog post! In this first post, we just want to share with you guys out there a little bit about who we are and what we do!

SGPad is a new service in Singapore that focuses on providing quick iPad rental to tourists and businesses in Singapore. Being geeks who love technology, we always thought that it would be really awesome to have 3G so we could have Google Maps in foreign lands so we would never get lost again. Hence, we developed SGPad to serve the tourist market.

Benefits of SGPad

Our mission with SGPad is really to revolutionize tourism for tourists coming to Singapore and using technology, fit all the wonderful charm we have in Singapore into the hands of our guests.

Our mission
Our mission

Since our launch, we have also had quite a number of requests from businesses who want to implement iPads in their work – be it to collect data for a survey, to enhance the learning experience for students on a learning trail or just to spice up an event – and are also trying to develop further capabilities to service this sector.

The SGPad team is here to stay and stay tuned to this blog to hear more about the team’s journey, our latest offerings and much more!

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