A new look (and focus)!

Hey guys! We started out SGPad.com with a great focus on tourists! Our initial hypothesis was that tourists would be our main focus as they would be away from home and could use iPads pre-loaded with all sorts of localized applications to explore sunny Singapore in a whole new awesome light but over time, we realized that the bulk of our orders and booking seem to come from our business clients.

It seemed that most of our clients were using SGPads more for things like events, conferences and workshops, and were also interested in engaging the SGPad team in developing new innovative software solutions that we can quickly deploy with our constantly growing fleet of SGPads!

SGPads at events all over Singapore!
SGPads at events all over Singapore!


As a result of understanding our customers a little better over these months, we developed a whole new look for SGPad! Check it out!


Check our new website out and book iPads through it right now! We have recently increased our fleet size and are now well equipped to service most events and workshops! Do feel free to contact us at rental@sgpad.comif you have any enquiries on rental or application development!

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