3 iOS6 features for your iPad Rental

1. Single-app mode

Single-app mode is quite obviously the top feature for iPad rentals. It locks down the iPad to your App and disables the home button. This is particularly useful for our exhibition and events clients who want to showcase their App or products.

2. Face-time over 3G

We are the only iPad rental company in Singapore that provides 3G unlimited internet access free of charge. Now that Apple has enabled Face-time over 3G, we start to see more possible ways in which our clients can organize social activities using rented iPads.

3. Turn-by-Turn Map Navigation

Tourists now have another reason to rent iPads from us while they are in Singapore. This app will help tourist guide taxi drivers to attractions or back to their hotel. Flyover mode (not shown in picture) can also help tourist to navigate places visually when they are unsure of local road and building names.

iOS 6 will be released later this year and you can expect it in all our iPads soon.

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