Microsoft Surface Studio

Is Microsoft more innovative than Apple now? They have just released the new Microsoft Surface Studio one day before Apple’s new MacBook Pro 2016. We wouldn’t be surprised if you mistook it as Apple’s promotional video at the first glance. Indeed, the abstract visuals in the video look almost exactly like what Apple usually does.


Even the design of the Microsoft Surface Studio looks similar to an iMac. But the Surface Studio does offer some features that no iMac has. Check out the amazing features in the video below!



The Surface Studio is catered more for the professionals who want to work and let their creativity juices flow. Basically, it’s a new category of device! Treat it like a desktop or simply turn it into a tablet. You can tilt the Surface Studio screen to a near horizontal plane like a drafting studio.


While Apple believes that hands should be on the keyboard, Microsoft encourages finger-on-app interaction. They introduced an innovative Surface Dial that provides more control over your work. It is a unique scroll wheel that rests on the Surface Studio’s display and lets you manipulate the images on your screen. You can adjust the colour palettes, screen brightness, volumes and even scroll through documents.


Microsoft Surface Pro



Microsoft has definitely got back into the game! It has never been a more exciting time for these two rival companies. But for now, share with us, which product appeals more to you?