New MacBook Pro 2016 rumours

Any Apple fans out there waiting for the Macbook Pro 2016? With discounts going on at Amazon, it is likely that the launch will happen soon. October, maybe?


Rumour has it that MacBook Pro 2016 will come in two variants – 13 inch and 15 inch. To all you people out there, it will be the thinnest, lightest and fastest MacBook that Apple has ever designed. It also comes with the latest processors, fastest flash storage and definitely, fastest graphics.


Aside from this, one of the biggest new features is its OLED Touch Bar that will replace the existing physical function keys on the top row of your keyboard. You can now customise or assign one of the function keys on the OLED strip to create a shortcut to your app. The Touch ID feature will also be embedded on the OLED Touch Bar. In other words, you can unlock your laptop simply with a touch on the OLED Touch Bar. How cool is that?


If these rumours are true, then here are some pictures of the new features.


macbook pro 2016

Source: Business Insider

OLED strip

Source: Business Insider

Are you excited for the MacBook Pro 2016? Because we are!