About Us

SGPad.com is an iPad Rental Company

We are a Private Limited Company based in Singapore that rents iPads to businesses, event organisers and tourists. We also provide affordable app development services to cater to your specialised needs.

Why do we rent iPads?

iPads have changed the way we learn, play and do business. Many businesses and education insitutions want to use the iPad for its technology, mobility and amazing apps. However, the high cost of ownership and maintenance is a turn off for most organisations. SGPad.com helps customers maintain an inventory of iPads at a fraction of ownership cost. Click here to find out more!

What other services do you provide?

We help you find out which apps that are most suitable for your needs. We believe in maximizing the value we bring to our customers by recommending Apps that are already available on the App Store. However, you may request an App that is too customised or does not exist yet. In that case, SGPad.com will help you create your own App specially catered to your needs.

Contact us if you have more queries

Phone : (+65) 6677 1533