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Want to own the first portable virtual reality headset with built-in audio? Then check out Opto, an all-in-one device that allows users to enjoy movies, videos, photos and games as long as you have a smartphone screen size between 4 to 5.5 inches.




Simply remove the front cover, drop in your smartphone, connect the audio and snap the front cover back on to indulge in your virtual experience. As easy as that. Feeling fascinated? There are more in store for you to be feeling excited about!


Let’s see what people have to say about this product.


1. Convenience

This headset is manufactured using lightweight foam, making it easy to bring along and comfortable to wear. That said, you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself when you bump into the glass when you are using Opto in the train. They have got you covered!


2. Extra large lenses

You can now be more focused and absorbed in your virtual experience with the greater clarity and area of view in Opto Virtual Reality Headset. Just let free and immerse in your own virtual world for a moment.


3. Magnetic cover

Thinking of the troubles of manually having to adjust your mobile phones to fit in the Opto devices? Don’t have to worry because it comes with a magnetic cover that is detachable so you can conveniently attach your phone onto your Opto device again after use.


4. Go wireless

No longer have to fiddle with your tangled earpiece before watching your videos or listening to songs anymore. With the built-in audio, you can save a lot of hassle since you don’t have to feel frustrated trying to untangle your ear piece anymore.



Source: Core 77


They have already started out testing the new parts for this device. Can’t wait for it to be out in the market! How will it change the way we view things from now on?


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If you have browsed kickstarter recently, you might have seen a thing or two that has really gotten you excited, or even delighted. What’s more, on kickstarter, you can play a part in making it a reality! In no specific order, here are just some of our favourites that we have come across.

Prevent Malaria with an iPhone

It seems like anyone can detect Malaria now with just a smartphone! Biomedical Engineers at Texas A&M University are developing a technology that transforms a smartphone into a polarized microscope. Traditional microscopes require a professional technician and now it’s a portable device that can be brought around anywhere!

The smartphone will screen a blood sample using polarized light and “detect a malaria parasite byproduct called Hemozoin crystals which appear as very bright dots in the image and are an accurate indicator of infection.” With the smartphone, a diagnosis is done within minutes via a phone application.

Technology has evolved so much and we can do so much with a smart device right now!


Source: Reuters

Ulo? Who’s there?

Ever felt like you needed an extra pair of eyes because you just can’t leave your house or office without feeling like you don’t know what is going on? Or you just wanted to know things are going smoothly even when you can’t be there?

Fret not because Ulo is probably the cutest device that you want to plant it anywhere you need an extra set of eyes to be! Gone away are boring surveillance cameras installed at the corners that require a TV screen to monitor. Here’s an owl that does the job for you!

Ulo is a portable surveillance camera that interacts with you as a pet! With cuztomisable eyes, it will sure keep a look out for you when you’re not around! It even signals you whenever battery is going low by looking really really sleepy. Link it to your smartphone via WiFi and control it via an application.

It blinks when you take a snapshot and it’s eyes follow your movement by squinting during a live video. There are many other features such as alert mode, live video, night vision and many more. Keeping an eye on things will never be the same because it’s so cute, nobody will be suspicious that you’re actually watching on your smartphone!


Source: Kickstarter

There’s more to an egg than a sunny side-up

Nothing frustrates me more than not being able to find the right remote control for the different appliances! There’s a remote for the TV, stereo, DVD player, the fan, AC, switch for lights.. I could go on. I wished so much for all to be compacted into one remote whereby I could control everything at a go.

That’s when I think my prayers were heard and answered with this egg! With a SmartEgg, controlling your electronic devices are made seamless and easy. All you have to do is connect your smartphone to any infrared device via Bluetooth and now you can control everything with just one phone!


Source: Kickstarter

By placing the SmartEgg and configuring your usual settings, it is able to detect movement and make sure that the appliances are switched on to your comfort when you’re around. With over 5,500 remotes in their database, you are sure to find the remote to control your electronic gadgets.

With highly customisable features such as creating your scene, adding a timer, monitoring the temperature of your surrounding and even putting your favourite show on hold when you receive an incoming call. All these are made possible with state-of-the-art looking device; portable and high-tech.

Moreover, all these are made possible when you own a smartphone or even tablet! Here’s one thing that will make you go “Wow, really?!” because it’s created in Singapore!

Like it? Print it!

Browsing through Pintrest or WeHeartIt is so painful sometimes because they have amazing visuals but sometimes you have no idea how to actualize it or even DIY it. However, with Glowforge, everything is made printable! If you like it, just print it!

Not just printing but engraving and even lazer cutting! How cool is that? It’s an entire workshop but without the sawdust and hammering of nails. You can now print anything you want on any surfaces. Ranging from leather, plastic, wood and even a MacBook.

Watch the amazing product demonstration here!


Source: Glowforge

Nothing is impossible to print as long as you have Glowforge and all you have to do is push a single button.
Written by:
Janelle Teo


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Hey all! I know we’ve been really silent on the blog and on Facebook lately but the team has been working real hard on deploying, improving and marketing our latest product Micepad!


All You Need for a Conference of the Future

All You Need for a Conference of the Future


What is Micepad?
Micepad helps event organizers implement paperless conferences via mobile applications. Not only does it neatly display thousands of pages worth of content on the iPad, it also captivates your audience via our exciting enagagement tools. Together with the complete support of our Micepad Engagement Specialists, organising a conference of the future has never been easier.


Micepad's Core Features

Micepad’s Core Features


Micepad has success in its collaborations with established financial institutions like Standard Chartered as well as international forums like the Global Social Innovators Forum 2012.


Do contact us at for more information on hosting your very own paperless conference today!


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I personally think that one of the most important attitudes to have at a startup is an immense hunger to learn and adapt. Everything and everyone has something amazing to teach you, should you possess the humility to learn from them.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

These days I define startups the way Eric Ries (of the Lean Startup – please read it if you’re into entrepreneurship!) does: a startup is a human institution designed to create new products and services under conditions of extreme uncertainty.
That definition’s great because over my one year of entrepreneurship so far, I’ve realized that successful businesses rarely look like the business plans (or initial ideas) that spawned them ( initially wanted to focus on providing rental sales to tourists). There’s just too much uncertainty creating new products for new markets that it’s really hard for entrepreneurs to just boldly go forward and think that they’re right all the time.
So accept it. You’ll be wrong most of the time. But remember – a startup isn’t a test where you die when you fail – it’s rather like an ongoing series of experiments where you slowly find out what doesn’t work and what actually does.
That’s why we at SGPad try every day to learn from feedback all around – customer feedback, experiments, and we’ve been also very lucky to have great clients who have themselves walked the path of entrepreneurship and shared their invaluable insights with us.
Here’s a great email that brightened up my day:

Just want to encourage you guys as you embark on this journey of entrepreneurship and a small advice from someone who is just have the privilege of starting out a few steps earlier than you guys.
The advice is just one word: 


1. Focus on the quality of your deliverables (I just had a rude shock recently with another iPad rental company which gave me 3G enabled iPads with no SIM Cards)
2. Focus on developing your core capability (don’t deviate too much and your reputation as a specialist will eventually bring you to greater heights)

Bit by bit, we will stay humble, learn and adapt our startup to fit the needs of the market. We owe it all to all your great people out there who cheer us on every single day. Thank you so much for your faith and support!

Stay hungry, stay foolish!


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Having been in the rental business for a couple of months now and as a marketing major myself, I’ve realized that marketing and advertising for a smaller niche business is extremely different from marketing a large firm or organization.
We’re currently working on SEO (search engine optimization), Google Adwords, and some word-of-mouth promotions and and are currently looking for more ideas so we did some useful web crawling and see what we found (my own thoughts in italics!):

1. Partner with other similar businesses:
look for other businesses who have your same target audience and bundle your services together. Hmmm… we’ve been working mainly with event companies, education companies and startups who use our iPads for presentations. Anyone out there with a similar audience? We’re friendly people and would love to work together!
2. Put your logo on your products:
create some stickers and paste them on your products. We’re not too sure about point 2 for SGPad as we don’t know how our customers will react to it! Will go try it out soon though – SGPad stickers sound like fun!
3. Use promotions:
set up booths with games and special offers and events relevant to your target customers. Make it easy for your prospective customers to see all the benefits of renting a product with your company. Great food for thought here! SGPad is positioning ourselves as a iPad deployment specialist and should have a booth that does not just give out flyers – but rather demonstrate the myriad ways potential customers can deploy iPads that add great value to their businesses.
4. Speaking at events:
speaking at events as a startup founder might not get you paid a lot, but what it would do for you is help increase recall amongst your customers as well as be seen as an expert in the field. Love speaking already – just need to find the right events that would want us!
5. Press releases: (from
Take a look at the People section of your business newspaper. Every one of those items came from a press release. And all those companies are getting free publicity.
What have you done that merits a release? How about:

  • winning an award
  • hiring two new employees
  • landing a big contract

If you can’t think of any reason for a release, create one. Donate used equipment to a local school, offer your services to a non-profit organization, and sponsor a festival. Editors use releases that contain real news, not advertising.
Make sure to include contact information, and a little background information about your company. You might also want to mail a copy of your service brochure or company profile with the release. And, if you have them, good quality photos are always a plus.
Great idea here again! Going to write to some awesome news sites with some ideas for events when i’m done with this blog post!
6. Sampling:
let some of your target customers try your service for free so that they have a good feel of how the service can help them. Could be potentially tricky as we have to collect deposits on the rentals as well as make deliveries… worth keeping in mind though!
7. Referral Letters:
create a strong case for existing customers, or relevant organizations to refer customers to you. Referring customers to you with a mark-up could end up becoming a mutually beneficial source of income for both parties. Ok noted, will make a point to do this when I interact with future customers. Will also make it evident in company newsletter.
8. Newsletters:
offer real news and information that your clients would like to use, and some reason to subscribe. We’re in the process of trying to do this but are still working on the content part. What if we duplicate the content of our blog and send it out anyway? Hmmm…