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Moms and dads: assist your youngster pay for college without draining your retirement cost savings

Posted: Jan 24, 2018 1:11 p.m. ET

5 methods to actually be supportive without ‘supporting’ them


As being a parent, there’s likely absolutely nothing more you need for the youngster rather than see them be successful.

The average cost of college today is pretty steep — about $33,000 a year for a private four-year institution to be exact although success often stems from receiving a higher education. And undoubtedly, you probably have other goals that are financial start thinking about, such as retiring or settling home financing.

Happily, you are able to help find out approaches to pay money for college that won’t hurt your wallet. Discover how you’ll assist finance your child’s training without investing a single thing.

Simple tips to assist your son or daughter pay money for college without going broke

Here are a few great how to purchase college without actually placing anything on the table, in accordance with parents and university graduates.

1. Assist your youngster fill the FAFSA out

One of the primary actions your youngster should just take when trying to get schools would be to fill out of the complimentary Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This can let your son or daughter access federal school funding that enables you to fund their college education.

Regrettably, the procedure could be complicated; that would be why billions of bucks in school funding went unclaimed a year ago. Continue reading