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Are you ready to embrace Samsung again after the Galaxy Note 7 incident? Few months after recalling one of its then-latest products, Samsung is focusing on the upcoming Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus now. Unlike its predecessors, both models come with a curved edge.


Samsung Galaxy S8


After the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, the pressure is definitely on the team to deliver success with its Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. They probably have to go beyond expectations to achieve the same rate of success before the incident. The Galaxy S8 is rumoured to have an artificial intelligence assistant, Bixby that would differentiate the device from its competitors.


Bixby is reportedly rumoured to:

  • recognise real-world objects or text through the camera and track them online
  • control the handset’s native apps
  • process payment through voice commands
  • enable users to perform different tasks on different apps through voice commands


But anything more than that, we will have to wait for Samsung to unveil its Galaxy S8 models. The new models are expected to launch on 29 March. Given these features, will you give Samsung another try?


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Have you checked out one of the most amazing offices in Singapore? Yes, you are right, we are talking about the new Google’s Asia-Pacific headquarters.


The US tech giant has officially unveiled its new Singapore office located at Mapletree Business City II, spanning across two entire office blocks to house its “fast-growing” team of engineers. Serving as the company’s headquarters for the Asia-Pacific region, the Singapore office started with a team of 24 in 2007 and has since grown to 1000 employees today. They are also likely to be expanding its engineering team here.


Google has also rolled out its new initiative, Code in the Community, alongside the launch of its new office. This initiative offers computer science and computational course to get the young Singaporeans excited about technology and engineering. They will also be organising series of tech talks, workshops and meet-ups for Singaporeans aspiring to pursue a tech career.


Google always has one goal for their office designs, that is to “create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world”. That said, they spared no expense to have the best environment for its employees. Let’s check out their new office!




Google Singapore Office

 Image Source

Like many tech giants, Google Singapore also has an open concept.


Google Singapore Pantry

Image Source


Google Singapore pantry

Image Source

The perfect pantry for a break from work!


Google Singapore Office

Image Source


Google Office

Image Source


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Is Microsoft more innovative than Apple now? They have just released the new Microsoft Surface Studio one day before Apple’s new MacBook Pro 2016. We wouldn’t be surprised if you mistook it as Apple’s promotional video at the first glance. Indeed, the abstract visuals in the video look almost exactly like what Apple usually does.


Even the design of the Microsoft Surface Studio looks similar to an iMac. But the Surface Studio does offer some features that no iMac has. Check out the amazing features in the video below!



The Surface Studio is catered more for the professionals who want to work and let their creativity juices flow. Basically, it’s a new category of device! Treat it like a desktop or simply turn it into a tablet. You can tilt the Surface Studio screen to a near horizontal plane like a drafting studio.


While Apple believes that hands should be on the keyboard, Microsoft encourages finger-on-app interaction. They introduced an innovative Surface Dial that provides more control over your work. It is a unique scroll wheel that rests on the Surface Studio’s display and lets you manipulate the images on your screen. You can adjust the colour palettes, screen brightness, volumes and even scroll through documents.


Microsoft Surface Pro



Microsoft has definitely got back into the game! It has never been a more exciting time for these two rival companies. But for now, share with us, which product appeals more to you?


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In the past few years, Apple has been consistent in introducing a new iPad line every autumn. That said, many Apple enthusiasts were expecting a successor to its iPad Air 2 since its launch in October 2014. However, there was no launch last year and instead, Apple launched the iPad Pro in two different sizes. So there are rumours suggesting that Apple will be launching it by the end of this October.


If those speculations deem true, then, of course, iPad Air 3 has to come up with a roster of new features and better specs. Regardless, we have gathered several rumours regarding the specs.


iPad Air 3



The iPad Air 3 is rumoured to be thinner than the current 6.1mm iPad Air 2 since they are using a lighter yet stronger aluminium for its build. Colour wise, it should come in its standard colours like before – Gold, Silver and Space Grey options. However, Apple might just throw in the Rose Gold option as its latest addition.


iPad Air 3


Hardware Upgrades

Since the iPad Pro is already equipped with the A9X processor chip, it like more likely for Apple to upgrade its rumoured iPad Air 3 with the A10 chip that is already powered in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models.


And similarly, the iPad Air 3 would most likely be water and dust resistant as well.


On another note, Apple should be following the 9.7-inch screen size with 2048-1536 resolution at 264 ppi. With its camera being upgraded from 8-megapixel in iPad Air 2 to 12-megapixel in iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Air 3 is expected to have an upgraded camera too. However, this improvement should be able to differentiate itself from iPad Pro 9.7 while making the upgrade worthwhile from the iPad Air 2.


That said, will Apple be focusing on its iPad Pro since there is no substantial information from them to continue its iPad Air series? Until then, speculation shall remain as speculation.


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Before its disaster, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 seemed to be the best Android smartphone that has ever existed. But following its exploding cases, buyers would probably have flocked to Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. A poll by CNET revealed that almost half (48.5%) of the respondents would switch to an iPhone model.


If Samsung was rushing to beat Apple’s iPhone 7 to market, then it looks like they have created a huge opportunity for Apple’s iPhones to boost its sales chart instead. This was something worth celebrating for Apple until Google came into the picture a few days ago.


Google takes on the rival with Pixel

The timing couldn’t have been better. Google announced its new Pixel phone – the first phone made by Google itself. With comments and advertisement highlighting the “no unsightly camera bump” and “3.5mm headphone jack”, it is obvious that they have set their sights on iPhone. Even more obvious when the Pixel bears strong resemblance to the iPhone’s sleek finishes.


Google Pixel Phone


People have been saying that the Pixel phone is a decent alternative to iPhone, especially when they have a similar pricing strategy. But what’s better?


As a major drive to build artificial intelligence in its Internet-linked devices, Pixel is the first smartphone with built-in Google Assistant, a response to Apple’s Siri. Pixel also has a “smart” camera that selects the best pictures from a stream. Despite this stream of pictures, you still don’t have to worry about the storage because Google offers free unlimited storage for your photos and videos through its Google Photos app.


In order to encourage more iPhone users to switch to Android, Google has a program that makes it easy for users to switch their operating systems.


Google vs Apple


Google is definitely aiming for a bigger slice of the smartphone market with both platform delivery and hardware development. That said, its push for hardware products is also likely to affect the Android partners.


Looks like we still need some time to determine the biggest winner.


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It doesn’t come as a surprise for Apple to call its iOS 10 the “biggest release ever”. It is the most anticipated and significant iOS revamp that has the most updates for the mobile interface as well as a number of apps and features. Here are some of the best features!


Raise to Wake

Hate pressing your home button? Or your Touch ID is just too fast for you to press the home button without unlocking the phone? For those of you who are annoyed by this, good news for you! Apple has added this new feature that shows you your notifications every time you pick up your devices. So much more convenient for those who just want to look at your incoming notifications or time.



More than just your lock screen now. The lock screen is split into 3 sections with the middle being your default view. And instead of swiping up, you have to swipe to your right to access the camera in the new iOS now. Widgets also let you look at your calendar, weather info and others if you swipe left.


ios10widget Source: 9TO5Mac



Still communicating with words? Then perhaps time for some changes! iOS 10 now offers you suggestions for the words that have an emoji associated with them in the Message app. Well, this might sound like nothing impressive but wait till you start taking a long time to look for those emoji that you seldom use.


iMessage App Store

This is definitely one of the biggest iOS 10 announcements. It has its own App Store now. That said, you can now order food, shop and travel within iMessage. And, what’s more? You can also take a selfie and send it over to your friends without having to leave your iMessage now. Definitely one of the best integration so far!


Photo Memories

They say “pictures are worth a thousand words but memories are priceless”. This Memories feature groups your photos together based on the location and people in the photo to generate a video slideshow. Tell me that I’m not the only one who thinks it’s lovely.


iosmemoriesSource: iPhone Hacks


Here are just some of our favourite features. Share yours with us!



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You’ve most likely heard about the recent iPhone 7 launch and its transitions such as the headphone jack removal. Some are resistant to this change while others think that it is a bold move.


Water and Dust Resistant

Well, actually something more notable is that both iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus models are finally water and dust resistant! So now you don’t really have to worry about what’s going to happen if you accidentally drop your phone into the water. Although the water resistance level for the new iPhones isn’t as high as its major competitors, Samsung, it isn’t really a big deal unless you want to go swimming with your phone. Other than that, you can still play music while your iPhone is submerged in the water.


Processing Power

The next improvement is its speed that has been spurred by faster chips. They utilise the A10 Fusion, which is Apple’s most powerful processor ever and it is said to be 40% faster than iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models. Definitely smoother when you’re switching between apps and opening the camera. Worrying about your battery capacity because of these high performance features? Don’t have to worry because your iPhone 7 can now last two hours longer than iPhone 6S, and iPhone 7 Plus can last an hour longer than iPhone 6S Plus. The longest battery life ever in an iPhone!


Impressive Cameras

Oh, speaking about camera, Apple can have better photo quality now. Similar to the 6S models, iPhone 7 has a 12-megapixel sensors but what sets them apart is the optical image stabilization. Simply put, your pictures will still come out clear even if your hands are shaking. iPhone 7 Plus, on the other hand, has a second camera on the back that uses 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom. These two cameras work together to focus on the main subject of your picture while blurring out the background.




Source: Digital Trends


And on the front of your new iPhones is the selfie camera that has jumped to 7-megapixels with wider colour captures. Even higher resolution than the competitors out there, making you look sharper. So if you’re a selfie person, definitely a thumbs up!


Anyway, we’ve heard that Apple has already sold out its jet black iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models during the pre-order period. So you probably have to wait for a little more if you’re keen on these models! That said, you can still share with us your opinions on the new iPhone 7 and its Plus models!


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Any Apple fans out there waiting for the Macbook Pro 2016? With discounts going on at Amazon, it is likely that the launch will happen soon. October, maybe?


Rumour has it that MacBook Pro 2016 will come in two variants – 13 inch and 15 inch. To all you people out there, it will be the thinnest, lightest and fastest MacBook that Apple has ever designed. It also comes with the latest processors, fastest flash storage and definitely, fastest graphics.


Aside from this, one of the biggest new features is its OLED Touch Bar that will replace the existing physical function keys on the top row of your keyboard. You can now customise or assign one of the function keys on the OLED strip to create a shortcut to your app. The Touch ID feature will also be embedded on the OLED Touch Bar. In other words, you can unlock your laptop simply with a touch on the OLED Touch Bar. How cool is that?


If these rumours are true, then here are some pictures of the new features.


macbook pro 2016

Source: Business Insider

OLED strip

Source: Business Insider

Are you excited for the MacBook Pro 2016? Because we are!



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Smarter is a British producer of various kitchen related appliances such as the smart tea kettle and a coffee maker that can be connected to your smart phone. They are relatively affordable and definitely make your life easier. Today, we will be featuring 3 of such items – Smarter Mat, Smarter Fridge Cam and Smarter Detect.


1. Smarter Mat

Ever forgotten your stock at home when you are doing your grocery shopping? Fret not, now with smart mat, you can conveniently check your stock at home even if you are outside. The Smarter Mat is designed to be placed in kitchen cupboard or fridge typically where food is stored. It comes in 3 different sizes that can track the weight and give you a real-time update of how much food is left. An alert will also be sent to your Smarter app if it detects that the food is running low.



Source: PCMag Asia


2. Smarter Fridge Cam

Similar to Smarter Mat, it helps to update the inventory inside a fridge. A wireless refrigerator camera grants the owner the ability to see what is inside their fridge without opening their refrigerator door. This camera is capable of taking a screenshot and uploading it to the Smarter app for a quick view of what’s inside the fridge.



Source: PCMag Asia


3. Smarter Detect

Don’t have to worry about missing out the ring of your timer or the ding of your microwave. Smarter Detect is a microphone-equipped sensor that listens to all the sound you want it to. It will send a notification and alert you when your food is ready.



Source: GagetsandStuff


Each of these devices run on Wi-fi and its battery can be easily recharged via USB-C. Don’t miss out on these amazing products. All of them look sleek and minimalistic so quickly get your hands on them if you want them in your home.





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Want to own the first portable virtual reality headset with built-in audio? Then check out Opto, an all-in-one device that allows users to enjoy movies, videos, photos and games as long as you have a smartphone screen size between 4 to 5.5 inches.




Simply remove the front cover, drop in your smartphone, connect the audio and snap the front cover back on to indulge in your virtual experience. As easy as that. Feeling fascinated? There are more in store for you to be feeling excited about!


Let’s see what people have to say about this product.


1. Convenience

This headset is manufactured using lightweight foam, making it easy to bring along and comfortable to wear. That said, you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself when you bump into the glass when you are using Opto in the train. They have got you covered!


2. Extra large lenses

You can now be more focused and absorbed in your virtual experience with the greater clarity and area of view in Opto Virtual Reality Headset. Just let free and immerse in your own virtual world for a moment.


3. Magnetic cover

Thinking of the troubles of manually having to adjust your mobile phones to fit in the Opto devices? Don’t have to worry because it comes with a magnetic cover that is detachable so you can conveniently attach your phone onto your Opto device again after use.


4. Go wireless

No longer have to fiddle with your tangled earpiece before watching your videos or listening to songs anymore. With the built-in audio, you can save a lot of hassle since you don’t have to feel frustrated trying to untangle your ear piece anymore.



Source: Core 77


They have already started out testing the new parts for this device. Can’t wait for it to be out in the market! How will it change the way we view things from now on?