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Want to get an activity tracker but cannot decide on Fitbit or Apple Watch? Unlike Apple Watch, Fitbit is not exactly a smart watch but it is still comparable in terms of its fitness and performance measurement. You do not necessarily have to visit the gym every day or run marathons every month in order to keep fit. Keeping an active lifestyle is also important and these activity trackers are excellent at getting you to move more.


Apple vs Fitbit


Let’s explore some of these features.


Activity Tracking

Both devices will show how active you are and motivate you to move a little more. It tracks your everyday activity such as the number of steps taken, distance travelled and your calories burned. You can even set daily goals for yourself and track your progress over time. To help you stay active throughout the day, these devices will also send nudges to encourage you to move more.


In addition, some of the Fitbit models such as Flex 2, Alta and Surge have the auto sleep tracking function. It automatically monitors the length and quality of your sleep to provide you with bedtime reminders in order to form good sleeping habits.


Calories Counting

Most of us are concerned about counting calories to lose weight and luckily, both Apple Watch and Fitbit help to count these calories. The Apple Watch determines your calories counts based on your motion and heartbeat. Fitbit, on the other hand, determines your calories counts based on Basal Metabolic Rate that is measured according to your weight, height, gender and age. It also takes your heart rate into account.



With all the daily activities and tracking, you will definitely require some platform to store and review your progress. Apple has the Health App that stores all your information and display them in one clear snapshot. Likewise, Fitbit also has the Fitbit App that tracks all your progress and helps you analyse your trends with graphs and charts.


Apple vs Fitbit app



Price is most likely to be the next determinant of your purchase decision. We all know Apple products are never cheap. The cheapest Apple Watch costs S$398 while a Fitbit with the simplest function costs S$88. Of course, Apple Watch provides more functionalities but if you are only after activity tracking, then Fitbit will be sufficient for your needs.


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Is Microsoft more innovative than Apple now? They have just released the new Microsoft Surface Studio one day before Apple’s new MacBook Pro 2016. We wouldn’t be surprised if you mistook it as Apple’s promotional video at the first glance. Indeed, the abstract visuals in the video look almost exactly like what Apple usually does.


Even the design of the Microsoft Surface Studio looks similar to an iMac. But the Surface Studio does offer some features that no iMac has. Check out the amazing features in the video below!



The Surface Studio is catered more for the professionals who want to work and let their creativity juices flow. Basically, it’s a new category of device! Treat it like a desktop or simply turn it into a tablet. You can tilt the Surface Studio screen to a near horizontal plane like a drafting studio.


While Apple believes that hands should be on the keyboard, Microsoft encourages finger-on-app interaction. They introduced an innovative Surface Dial that provides more control over your work. It is a unique scroll wheel that rests on the Surface Studio’s display and lets you manipulate the images on your screen. You can adjust the colour palettes, screen brightness, volumes and even scroll through documents.


Microsoft Surface Pro



Microsoft has definitely got back into the game! It has never been a more exciting time for these two rival companies. But for now, share with us, which product appeals more to you?


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Before its disaster, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 seemed to be the best Android smartphone that has ever existed. But following its exploding cases, buyers would probably have flocked to Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. A poll by CNET revealed that almost half (48.5%) of the respondents would switch to an iPhone model.


If Samsung was rushing to beat Apple’s iPhone 7 to market, then it looks like they have created a huge opportunity for Apple’s iPhones to boost its sales chart instead. This was something worth celebrating for Apple until Google came into the picture a few days ago.


Google takes on the rival with Pixel

The timing couldn’t have been better. Google announced its new Pixel phone – the first phone made by Google itself. With comments and advertisement highlighting the “no unsightly camera bump” and “3.5mm headphone jack”, it is obvious that they have set their sights on iPhone. Even more obvious when the Pixel bears strong resemblance to the iPhone’s sleek finishes.


Google Pixel Phone


People have been saying that the Pixel phone is a decent alternative to iPhone, especially when they have a similar pricing strategy. But what’s better?


As a major drive to build artificial intelligence in its Internet-linked devices, Pixel is the first smartphone with built-in Google Assistant, a response to Apple’s Siri. Pixel also has a “smart” camera that selects the best pictures from a stream. Despite this stream of pictures, you still don’t have to worry about the storage because Google offers free unlimited storage for your photos and videos through its Google Photos app.


In order to encourage more iPhone users to switch to Android, Google has a program that makes it easy for users to switch their operating systems.


Google vs Apple


Google is definitely aiming for a bigger slice of the smartphone market with both platform delivery and hardware development. That said, its push for hardware products is also likely to affect the Android partners.


Looks like we still need some time to determine the biggest winner.


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“Happiness lies in simple thing like a great morning or a smell you really love.” Sensorwake is the first smell-based alarm clock that wakes you up based on your preset scent instead of the mundane morning alarm.

There are a couple of things that make Sensorwake so attractive.


1. Selection of scent cartridge

There are several scent choices such as ocean (monoi oil and tiarre flower scent), lush jungle (cut grass and leaves), croissant, coffee (espresso) , chocolate and peppermint. Rumours have been saying that the scent of bacon will be added. Wow, imagine waking up to the smell of bacon, all ready for breakfast!



Source: SensorWake

2. Back up alarm

Having a blocked nose or just too tired to smell anything? Don’t have to worry if you can’t wake up from the scent because Sensorwake will still function like your usual alarm clock if it is not turned off 3 minutes after the scent is being released.


3. Proven effective

If you are doubting its credibility, then you can drop those fear because it has been tested to wake 99% of the sleepers within 2 minutes. This goes to show how effective Sensorwake is compared to our usual alarm clock.



Source: SensorWake


Like the idea of this Sensorwake alarm? What are you waiting for? Hesitate no more and quickly get one for yourself. Start your morning fresh with one of the pleasant scent they have to offer!


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Smarter is a British producer of various kitchen related appliances such as the smart tea kettle and a coffee maker that can be connected to your smart phone. They are relatively affordable and definitely make your life easier. Today, we will be featuring 3 of such items – Smarter Mat, Smarter Fridge Cam and Smarter Detect.


1. Smarter Mat

Ever forgotten your stock at home when you are doing your grocery shopping? Fret not, now with smart mat, you can conveniently check your stock at home even if you are outside. The Smarter Mat is designed to be placed in kitchen cupboard or fridge typically where food is stored. It comes in 3 different sizes that can track the weight and give you a real-time update of how much food is left. An alert will also be sent to your Smarter app if it detects that the food is running low.



Source: PCMag Asia


2. Smarter Fridge Cam

Similar to Smarter Mat, it helps to update the inventory inside a fridge. A wireless refrigerator camera grants the owner the ability to see what is inside their fridge without opening their refrigerator door. This camera is capable of taking a screenshot and uploading it to the Smarter app for a quick view of what’s inside the fridge.



Source: PCMag Asia


3. Smarter Detect

Don’t have to worry about missing out the ring of your timer or the ding of your microwave. Smarter Detect is a microphone-equipped sensor that listens to all the sound you want it to. It will send a notification and alert you when your food is ready.



Source: GagetsandStuff


Each of these devices run on Wi-fi and its battery can be easily recharged via USB-C. Don’t miss out on these amazing products. All of them look sleek and minimalistic so quickly get your hands on them if you want them in your home.





Good morning Readers! Did you catch any interesting shows in the past 2 weeks? It’s amazing how a good show makes life a whole lot less mundane. We’ve found some interesting shows over the weekend and we thought you might like them. Therefore, we have included them in Episode 5 of this series!
In case you missed them out, here are the previous episodes:

Episode 1| Episode 2| Episode 3| Episode 4

In this episode, iPads take the stage as it steals the limelight away from whoever controls it. Be it in a magic show, a neatly choreographed dance or a stunning animation.
First-off, the iPad Magician.
Simon Pierro appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in February 2015 and blew the audience off their feet with his magic show. His tricks centered on his iPad, which he held throughout the show. Be it truly ‘Magic’ or not, he seemed to be able to make virtual items shown on the iPad appear in real life and also make real items become virtual on the iPad! For example, he pulled out a real string and in another act, poured real milk that washed over his friend’s head virtually on FaceTime. The confusing part was that he poured the milk into the iPad as though it was a container – an impossibility that almost any non-Magicians would think.
It’s probably easier to just see the magic for yourself. Click ‘Play’ to watch!

iPad Dance!
During the 2012 International Motor Show held in Australia, Ford brought something different to the table. They created a performance with 6 dancers doing a choreography merged with transitioning lights and colours displayed on the iPads that each dancer held. With the 12 iPads in total, the dancers would place then together to form a large screen or align them to create a circle while the display changed colours. The concept is interesting and minimalistic but not everyone agrees. From the comments on Youtube, it seems like their efforts are not only not appreciated but this performance invited some backlash from the public. Nonetheless, it is still quite compelling to watch.

Perhaps they could have enhanced the show by including more animations of moving Ford Cars, an idea inspired by the team who created the following animation using iPads and iPhones:

The perfectly timed animation that moves from one gadget to another… imagine how much work had been put in behind the scenes? The only regret was the poor quality video, if only it was in high definition! One of the most interesting parts is the 3D effect created by flipping the iPad slightly leftwards then rightwards while the animation continues. Nevertheless, still a brilliant animation. Kudos to the team behind it!
With that, we have come to the end of Episode 5! Do remember to check these out the previous episodes! ☺
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Xue Ming


Imagine a line of pawns taking the first line of defense in front of you with the knights and horses perched behind them in ready-position. All poised and prepared to take on the impending horde of enemy units rushing towards your kingdom.
Sounds a lot like war or chess doesn’t it?
To any person who has ever worked at a registration counter for major events, he or she should be able to relate to the scenario above. The horde of people standing in line in front of you waiting to get registered, growing more impatient as the minute passes. For the ‘defenders’, you and those at the registration counter beside you, stress is nothing but an understatement. Would it not be awesome, if the entire registration process could be automated or self-managed so that you can spend that time improving or helping with other parts of the event?
The answer is simple:

iPad Stands

In any cities of the world, how unlikely is it for a person to not know how to use the basic functions of an iPad? Is it an easy skill to pick up with a short 1-minute tutorial video? It’s difficult to say “it isn’t”. Moreover, iPads are often used for registration during events! So… why not spend a few minutes reading the next section on
How the iPad Stand solves your registration troubles:
1. Less risks
We know our own details better than a stranger does. Doing the registration by ourselves is much faster than asking someone else to do it. Hence by using iPad stands, event attendees can register themselves and increase the efficiency of the entire registration process as a whole. In addition, it improves an attendee’s experience and lessens the chances of frustration by reducing waiting time. A happy attendee means it is more likely he or she will come back for another of your events.
Because it needs to be sturdy, an iPad Stands is bulky and quite heavy. The iPad is also locked onto the stand. In view of that, it is logically less wise to steal an iPad Stand with an iPad than an iPad without a Stand. Thus, the risk of theft is also lower.
2. Greater crowd control
As compared to setting up a registration table, iPad Stands take up less space. With less people waiting in line, it prevents overcrowding at the lobby too.
3. Less manpower needed
With the iPad stands, manpower can be redirected to help in other parts of the event such as ushering attendees.

armour stand

What are you waiting for?
Upgrade your units defend your kingdom now!
Written by:
Xue Ming ☺


iPad & DNA
William Coburn, a designer at nClosures, came up with this idea of fixing iPads onto double helix frames to imitate DNA structure. Each iPad displayed information from their research on DNA. Not only is it beneficial as an educational tool but also a work of art!


Photo Credit:

iPad Adapted Game Stations
Here are 2 interesting products for entertainment that complement the iPad: A foosball table and a game station. Both of them are portable and fit the size of the iPad.
So… how does an iPad fit on a foosball table? Let’s allow the picture to do the talking, shall we? Take a look below.

Photo Credit:

Basically, you fit the iPad onto the frame of the table and there you have it, you can start playing foosball! In case you’re worried that the battery may run out halfway while you’re winning, the table also serves as a charging dock for your iPad.
Alternatively, you can try iCade out for an indoor mini arcade game station!

Photo Credit:

Speaking of games…
How about a game of Poker?
iPad as cards for poker

Photo Credit:

As fun as poker may be, those look like some heavy cards to play poker with. We wouldn’t be surprised if the players ended up with sore wrists after an hour or two! Moreover, 52 iPads seem like a hefty investment for a game of poker.
What other interesting iPad uses have you came across before?
We would like to know them too! ☺
P.S. If you haven’t checked out our previous episodes, here are the links for you:
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Xue Ming


In this episode, we showcase 2 creative products that complement the iPad, as well as one out-of-the-box idea that a man used to present an iPad as a gift.

A Pocket For An iPad

shirt with iPad pocket

Photo Credit: iClothing

We often stow our mobile phones or wallets in the pockets of our jeans. Davina Reichman and Luke Staley, a pair of Australian designers have leveraged on this idea and created new clothes with pockets large enough to fit an iPad! Convenient as it seems, we cannot fathom how it would feel like to carry an iPad around in this manner.
iPad Typewriter
iPad typewriter

Photo Credit:

The iPad typewriter is another hybrid (Check out our previous sharing on ‘Hybrid Meetings’) integrating both old and new technology. The first typewriters have existed since the 1800s, being one of the earliest technologies that allow imprinting of words on paper. This technology has since developed over the years into modern computers that are widely used today. Following that, Steve Jobs created the iPad, a tablet that also can serves this function among others.
Jack Zylkin, the inventor of interest here, discovered an old typewriter on the side of a road. This led to his invention of the iPad Typewriter, which he also calls the ‘USB Typewriter’.
Here’s his website if you want to find out more about his invention and its purpose.
This spectacular creation has again exemplified how the iPad has replaced the role of paper, thus reinforcing the idea of “Going paperless with technology”.
Chocolate Gift Wrapper For An iPad

Photo Credit: Flickr,

A loving husband decided to give his wife (an Apple product enthusiast) a surprise for her birthday. Instead of boring common wrapping papers, Stefan Magdalinski used a more unique alternative. He gave his friends who ran a chocolate shop a fresh challenge: wrapping the iPad in Chocolate.

Photo Credit: Flickr

Chocolate and iPad… seems like she got the best of both worlds! Lucky girl! ☺
By the way, do check out Episodes 1 and 2 for other innovative iPad uses!
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Xue Ming


Hello Readers! Hope you’ve enjoyed Episode 1 of this series, cause we’re back with more. Check these out:
iPad Meets Animals

We’re not the only species who loves the iPad. Here’s a video compilation of our furry friends who also enjoy the entertainment that iPads offer. That parrot could have potential to be the next Mozart… or not. I wonder if their owners will rent iPads for them?
iPad 2, Only the Size of An iMac

A product introduction for iPad 2, except with a twist. How many people have seen an iPad with a 27-inch screen? This parody does introduces a few features of an iPad, or in some cases, an iMac. Nonetheless, it does serves its purpose of entertaining the audience with some innovative ways an ”iPad” can be used.
iPad Theatre

Photo Credit:

A movie theatre’s big screen and ambience (i.e. watching movies in a dark room) certainly creates more suspense in the movie experience. It’ll be awesome to bring that experience back home, don’t you agree? The Japanese have created a new concept – “The Cardboard Theatre”. With only a large cardboard box, an iPad and some tools, you can create your very own in-house theatre, with the same ambience of suspense while watching your favourite movies in the dark.

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Written by:
Xue Ming ☺