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Any Apple fans out there waiting for the Macbook Pro 2016? With discounts going on at Amazon, it is likely that the launch will happen soon. October, maybe?


Rumour has it that MacBook Pro 2016 will come in two variants – 13 inch and 15 inch. To all you people out there, it will be the thinnest, lightest and fastest MacBook that Apple has ever designed. It also comes with the latest processors, fastest flash storage and definitely, fastest graphics.


Aside from this, one of the biggest new features is its OLED Touch Bar that will replace the existing physical function keys on the top row of your keyboard. You can now customise or assign one of the function keys on the OLED strip to create a shortcut to your app. The Touch ID feature will also be embedded on the OLED Touch Bar. In other words, you can unlock your laptop simply with a touch on the OLED Touch Bar. How cool is that?


If these rumours are true, then here are some pictures of the new features.


macbook pro 2016

Source: Business Insider

OLED strip

Source: Business Insider

Are you excited for the MacBook Pro 2016? Because we are!



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Smaller in Size, Greater Variety of Features

Ever thought of bringing your iPad Pro out, but feel that it’s too heavy? Don’t worry, your solution is here! Apple has come up with the next generation of iPad, the iPad Pro 9.7. It’s incredibly portable, weighing at only 0.96 pounds compared to the iPad Pro 12.9 at 1.57 pounds. Don’t belittle its smaller design, it’s definitely more capable and versatile than before.


iPad Pro 9.7

 Source: engadget


So what’s different in this new series of iPad? Let’s explore some of these new features.


1. Turn up the radio

The new iPad Pro boasts a better quality output stereo with a high-fidelity speaker in each corner. Don’t have to worry about the adjusting the orientation of your iPad to achieve the best output stereo because now, it automatically adjusts the orientation of the high frequencies to your topmost speakers. So whether you are watching a video or playing a game, you will be completely immersed in it!


2. Awesome retina display

You know it’s gonna be a serious thing when Apple keeps boasting about its display. iPad Pro 9.7 comes with a wider colour gamut that matches that of a iMac Retina 5k display, delivering a 25% greater colour saturation for more vivid colours. It is Apple’s most advanced display – the brightest and least reflective.


3. Multitasking made easier

iPad Pro now allows two apps to run side by side with an optional video window overlaid in one corner. Coupled with the Smart Keyboard, this feature is exceptionally useful for those who want to navigate between several apps. For businessman, you can easily check on your sales performance graph while generating your report concurrently on the iPad Pro now.


2. iPad Pro 9.7


4. Super laptop

Whether you are playing games, doing work or editing a video, you no longer have to worry about its performance. Equipped with the A9X processor, the CPU performance is 1.8 times more responsive than the iPad Air 2. Even editing a 4K video is so much smoother now.


Now that we have explored some of these key features, are you more keen in getting one for yourself? Incredible power at its lightest. Just one word – Super. 






With the launch of the new iPad Pro, no doubt people are going to say how massive the it is because in comparison to the iPad Air 2, it is almost as big as a MacBook!

This is making consumers even more indecisive because it may just be the next viable alternative to the MacBook Pro Retina. Traditionally, the laptop is able to contain much more storage and is more user friendly with better keyboards and shortcuts. However, every Apple fanatic knows that products get slimmer with time as technology gets more and more advanced! Such advancements have now made the iPad Pro just as functional as the good old Macbook. With features such as video editing, and even multi-tasking, both products are almost comparable.

Although OS X offers pretty substantial software upgrades, the new iOS9 comes in close with side-by-side multi-tasking available on both the MacBook and iPad. “And with each release, Apple gets closer to parity between mobile and desktop as it integrates technologies from both operating systems across platforms” (Lovejoy, 2015).

iPad Pro

Photo Credit:

Macbook Pro

Photo Credit:

With a mere difference of 0.4” in screen size, the iPad Pro does not pale in comparison as compared to the MacBook Pro.


Photo Credit:

However, which to choose from? My answer is still it depends! Would you want to be carry a 12.9” flat screen around and use it with features almost as good as a MacBook, or stick to the traditional laptop, the choice is up to you!

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Janelle Teo


Being someone who loves to multi-task and have everything at my fingertips, iOS 9 is a seamless update for me.

iOS9 1

Photo Credit:

The first thing I love about iOS 9 is that the notes allow me to insert photos and even do up a check-list. This eases my grocery shopping experience because all I have to do is to snap a picture of the brand of detergent I use at home and make sure I get the same one from the supermarket. I can also do up a check-list and ensure that I don’t miss out a single thing. The tools are so helpful because I get to draw or highlight the grocery that I should prioritize.
iOS9 2

Photo Credit:

Another feature is the ability to multi-task effectively! In the past, you wouldn’t be able to read e-mails while being on FaceTime with your loved ones. With the new update, you can do both at the same time which is brilliant! Not only can you check your e-mails and reply, you can still talk to my loved ones even after escaping the app.
iOS9 3

Photo Credit:

The third and final thing that I love about this new iOS is that my keyboard doubles up as a trackpad! There’s no need to minimise the keyboard and highlight the words but I can simply use two fingers and slide over the keyboard which instantly transforms into a trackpad. It clearly demonstrates that the absence of a physical keyboard and mouse is unnecessary when using an iPad.
These are just 3 things that I love so much about the new iOS 9, what about you?
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Janelle Teo


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The sight of people deterred from approaching any booths that are either inundated with product marketers or visitors that crowd up the entire booth area of one or two adjoining booths is common during trade shows.
Even for the more empty booths, the overly enthusiastic product marketers are at most times intimidating and often encroach into a personal space most wished they wouldn’t cross.

Photo Credit:

While it t is understandable that they are merely doing their jobs, for a person who wants a softer method of approach, the intrusive vibes created at the booths prove to be utterly daunting.
However, despite the crowds and discomfort, it certainly does not stop me from wanting to gather information on my own. Booths that offer coloured brochures add appeal and those that set up iPads (Click to read our post on iPad Stands) for basic informative games are highly attractive. Instead of being overwhelmed by the flood of excited sales people, any visitor, in their own time, can enjoy the process of finding out more about companies and their products during trade shows.
So why don’t more businesses use iPads?
An iPad is lightweight and with its technologies, a lot of brochures, company videos, apps and games can be installed. For trade show visitors, it would greatly enhance the experience if anyone could just pick up one of the iPads from the booth and proceed to find what they need.
The renting of iPads to use at trade shows also gives a good opportunity for businesses to gain new emails, which could eventually become successful sales leads. Let’s say, someone shows interest in one of the products and the company offered to send them the brochure via email. What are the chances they would decide against simply typing their email into the iPad to send themselves what they want?
Another regret would be the large stacks of leaflets collected by the end of every trade show, which probably ends up in the dump. In order to attract any visitor’s attention, you could beautify the medium you use to attract it. You can also impress the occasional environmentalist by Going Paperless with the iPad and its associated handy apps. Moreover, why make the job of your product marketer any harder than it already is?
Whatever the reason, the point is that listening to endless sales pitches is somewhat an unavoidable element of attending Trade Shows. Thus, having an alternative medium for visitors to find information, or a medium to enhance the pitch through interesting and amazing pictures would definitely be useful. With only an iPad, how many more people would more gladly listen to his or her sales pitch?
Our team would gladly offer you assistance with getting those iPads you need. Just send us an email at or call us at (+65) 6677 1533 for the iPad rentals you require at your Trade Shows today!
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Xue Ming


Watching movies, playing games, video calling, reading… These are just the tip of the iceberg. iPads offer us so much more, in ways that some of us may find unbelievable. Ever had a hard time imagining what your kitchen would look like in a new colour, or worried if that antique dressing table you just inherited will fit into your bedroom? With an iPad, all your household problems are solved! In this post, we list 5 apps for home maintenance and improvement that you simply can’t live without. Feel free to try them out and give us your feedback!
1. TapPainter
Finding it hard to visualise colours? Afraid you might ruin a room with the wrong hue? TapPainter is here to save the day! As the app says, “Tap, paint, love!” TapPainter assists in visualising a great number of interior spaces in new colours, with respect to their natural lighting conditions and with no artificial rendering necessary. Furthermore, it allows selection of preferred colour, paint brand and conversion of selected colours into paint codes, so that you may easily find your chosen colour during purchase. So wait no more, try TapPainter out!
2. BigOven
This isn’t your typical recipe app. Have you noticed how often you store leftovers in the refrigerator, only to throw them out two nights later? Wel, BigOven ensures you never ever commit such a wasteful sin again. It has a “Use Up Leftovers” feature that allows you to enter the ingredients or leftovers you have on hand to see what dishes you can still concoct with them. When you find a recipe you like, BigOven can help you organise them within categories such as things you want to try, things you’ve made, and things you’ve posted yourself. Cool, isn’t it?
3. EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry
EatingWell Healthy
Now this is the ideal app for the modern health-conscious individual. If you are living a fast-paced life with a demanding job and never-ending deadlines, chances are you won’t have time for filling and nutritious meals. This is where EatingWell comes in. It houses only quick and rewarding recipes, all preloaded into the app, so you don’t need any Internet access to view them. In addition, it features lots of nutritional facts and figures as well. Complementing this is a unique search function that lets you look up the benefits of each dish, such as those aimed at promoting a healthy heart or reducing your waist line. And if that isn’t enough, EatingWell also compiles a shopping list, your personal bookmarks, and sends a daily recipe to your smartphone in case you are having a hard time deciding what to make.
4. BrightNest
If you ever experienced the dilemma of needing to complete a chore, yet not knowing how to do it, this is the app for you. BrightNest presents many simple and quick tips on how to manage your household tasks as efficiently as possible. It also incorporates features like personal schedules and helpful reminders to add value to its service. From basic maintenance to cleaning tricks to home décor ideas, BrightNest ensures that you keep your home in great shape without breaking a sweat!
5. Chorma
Does your obnoxious brother constantly deny his dishwashing duty at home? Do you feel like the burden of sweeping and mopping always falls on you and never on your roommate? Well, we feel you. Luckily, Chorma is here to help! It organises chores in an easy and fun manner, so everyone will be fairly delegated his or her respective duties. A value-added feature is a points reward system, which is of course most ideal for kids. No more shirking of responsibilities in this house!

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Desmond Chan


Good morning Readers! Did you catch any interesting shows in the past 2 weeks? It’s amazing how a good show makes life a whole lot less mundane. We’ve found some interesting shows over the weekend and we thought you might like them. Therefore, we have included them in Episode 5 of this series!
In case you missed them out, here are the previous episodes:

Episode 1| Episode 2| Episode 3| Episode 4

In this episode, iPads take the stage as it steals the limelight away from whoever controls it. Be it in a magic show, a neatly choreographed dance or a stunning animation.
First-off, the iPad Magician.
Simon Pierro appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in February 2015 and blew the audience off their feet with his magic show. His tricks centered on his iPad, which he held throughout the show. Be it truly ‘Magic’ or not, he seemed to be able to make virtual items shown on the iPad appear in real life and also make real items become virtual on the iPad! For example, he pulled out a real string and in another act, poured real milk that washed over his friend’s head virtually on FaceTime. The confusing part was that he poured the milk into the iPad as though it was a container – an impossibility that almost any non-Magicians would think.
It’s probably easier to just see the magic for yourself. Click ‘Play’ to watch!

iPad Dance!
During the 2012 International Motor Show held in Australia, Ford brought something different to the table. They created a performance with 6 dancers doing a choreography merged with transitioning lights and colours displayed on the iPads that each dancer held. With the 12 iPads in total, the dancers would place then together to form a large screen or align them to create a circle while the display changed colours. The concept is interesting and minimalistic but not everyone agrees. From the comments on Youtube, it seems like their efforts are not only not appreciated but this performance invited some backlash from the public. Nonetheless, it is still quite compelling to watch.

Perhaps they could have enhanced the show by including more animations of moving Ford Cars, an idea inspired by the team who created the following animation using iPads and iPhones:

The perfectly timed animation that moves from one gadget to another… imagine how much work had been put in behind the scenes? The only regret was the poor quality video, if only it was in high definition! One of the most interesting parts is the 3D effect created by flipping the iPad slightly leftwards then rightwards while the animation continues. Nevertheless, still a brilliant animation. Kudos to the team behind it!
With that, we have come to the end of Episode 5! Do remember to check these out the previous episodes! ☺
Written by:
Xue Ming


If we had to summarise the answer in one sentence, it would be:

“To understand how to deliver the essence of every conference in the best way such that highly valuable insights are not missed out on and new friendships are easily remembered.”

In order to do that, we suggest the familiar 80-20 Rule. 20% effort for 80% results. For you to gain happy attendees, you have to help the attendees minimise the effort they need to put in to get the most out of your conference. Here below are 5 approaches to having happier conference attendees:
Learning Aids
As most would know, there are 3 types of learning: Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic. Conventional conferences or meetings largely comprise of the first 2 types. However, hybrid conferences enable and enhance all 3 types of learning. For example, more hands-on keying of questions during discussions or breakout sessions.

Thus with technology, such as rented iPads, exclusive and high quality information disseminated during conferences can be more easily remembered because there are more learning aids. For example, breakout sessions or Polling allows attendees to more actively engage themselves with discussions during the conference.
Free time but still productive
We spend a large part of our lives waiting either in anticipation of a better outcome or merely because it was inevitable. The waiting process is frustrating, mundane and wasting the precious time of your attendees. The solution? Give them something to do during pockets of ‘free time’ during the conference. For example, extra articles to read or a share pictures that conference attendees took together – both achievable with a professional Event App.
Tools for creating the right connections
As Aristotle once said, “Man is by nature a social animal”. We love to surround ourselves with friends and share our personal experiences with them. Some say this contributed to the rise of Social Media. But who wouldn’t experience that nostalgic, heartwarming sentiment whenever we look back at our old photos taken with friends and family?
To any businessman, a meaningful connection may end up in future partnerships or collaborations in their business. As simple as it sounds, the camera function on an iPad or other gadgets can provide businessmen with opportunities to network more effectively during your conferences.
Go online
Too much paper can become paperweight. (Pun intended ☺) For businessmen who frequently go on business trips, travelling light is better than bringing extra dead weights. Instead of printing handouts or any other materials used during your conference, why not give them an option of emailing it to themselves?
Impress them
Time is gold, especially to high caliber businessmen. Give them information that is clear, rid of fillers, neatly presented and sorted for better understanding. By providing only the necessary, they would waste neither time nor effort sieving through raw information. Being highly efficient and effective in the delivery of imperative knowledge to attendees is also a sign of good event planning.
Your conference attendees are your valued patrons just like how you are to us. If you’re interested to work together with us, you can reach us at or 6677 1533.
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Xue Ming ☺


Even before possessing an iPad, our intent on how we want to use it is clear. Be it as a platform for gaming, movie watching or doing presentations. However, in the midst of using it you may not yet be aware of some gestures that can change the way you navigate through apps and functions on your iPad. Therefore in the last part of the SGPad trilogy, we want to share with you a list of 5 intuitive gestures that you can use on an iPad. These gestures all have one thing in common – you don’t need to click the home button at all!

Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs introduces the iPad 2 on stage during an Apple event in San Francisco

Photo Credit: The Baltimore Sun

1. Home Screen
The home button is, for obvious reasons, for returning to your iPad’s home screen. But for some users, clicking the home button for one too many times can result in an unresponsive home button. Hence, the ingenious developers of Apple developed a custom gesture that allows you to return to your home screen without clicking it – by using 4 or 5 fingers to pinch your screen.
2. Multi-tasking bar
A familiar way of accessing the multi-tasking bar is to double click your home button. Another way of performing this function is to use 4 fingers to swipe upwards on the iPad screen.
3. Switch between running apps
Instead of switching between running apps through the multi-tasking bar, an easier way to do so would be to use 4 fingers to swipe leftwards or rightwards. For example, taking notes while browsing websites on Safari. While on Safari, use 4 fingers to swipe rightwards to access Notes, which should be opened as well.
4. Spotlight Search
This function enables you to do a quick search either for a specific app on your iPad or general enquiries on the Internet. To access this, simply swipe downwards with one finger from the top edge of your iPad screen to open the search bar. However, this is only accessible through the home screen.
5. Control Panel
In contrast to spotlight search, swiping one finger from the bottom edge of your iPad screen upward can let you access an iPad’s control panel.
We hope you’ve enjoyed this sequel alongside Part 1 and Part 2 of this series! If there’s any other topics you wish to hear about, do let us know at our various social media platforms: Twitter (@sgpadrental, Instagram (@SGPad ), Facebook (! ☺
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Xue Ming


Imagine a line of pawns taking the first line of defense in front of you with the knights and horses perched behind them in ready-position. All poised and prepared to take on the impending horde of enemy units rushing towards your kingdom.
Sounds a lot like war or chess doesn’t it?
To any person who has ever worked at a registration counter for major events, he or she should be able to relate to the scenario above. The horde of people standing in line in front of you waiting to get registered, growing more impatient as the minute passes. For the ‘defenders’, you and those at the registration counter beside you, stress is nothing but an understatement. Would it not be awesome, if the entire registration process could be automated or self-managed so that you can spend that time improving or helping with other parts of the event?
The answer is simple:

iPad Stands

In any cities of the world, how unlikely is it for a person to not know how to use the basic functions of an iPad? Is it an easy skill to pick up with a short 1-minute tutorial video? It’s difficult to say “it isn’t”. Moreover, iPads are often used for registration during events! So… why not spend a few minutes reading the next section on
How the iPad Stand solves your registration troubles:
1. Less risks
We know our own details better than a stranger does. Doing the registration by ourselves is much faster than asking someone else to do it. Hence by using iPad stands, event attendees can register themselves and increase the efficiency of the entire registration process as a whole. In addition, it improves an attendee’s experience and lessens the chances of frustration by reducing waiting time. A happy attendee means it is more likely he or she will come back for another of your events.
Because it needs to be sturdy, an iPad Stands is bulky and quite heavy. The iPad is also locked onto the stand. In view of that, it is logically less wise to steal an iPad Stand with an iPad than an iPad without a Stand. Thus, the risk of theft is also lower.
2. Greater crowd control
As compared to setting up a registration table, iPad Stands take up less space. With less people waiting in line, it prevents overcrowding at the lobby too.
3. Less manpower needed
With the iPad stands, manpower can be redirected to help in other parts of the event such as ushering attendees.

armour stand

What are you waiting for?
Upgrade your units defend your kingdom now!
Written by:
Xue Ming ☺