Really this appears to be a game for somebody who had not been popular in highschool now he can have the woman. It is like a story and you select a girl yo u want and date.

Plus in the final end you marry your ex. I believe some time could be better spent within the world that is real! More

by Kenneth Stone

reviewed on January 21, 2019

Playing as Nobunaga is simply fine beside me in this dating app that is sim. I assume there have been some better apps than this.

6. Otome Game: Love Dating Tale

This game manufactured by Hanabi Media for Android os is a sim that is dating you’ll have to select your own personal journey. Indulge in the love, as you shall need to communicate, flirt and decide who can end up being your boyfriend.

Otome Game: Love Dating Tale


Age score:





by Ashley Ellis

evaluated on March 14, 2019

I have already been hunting for an application to help ease my monotony during breaktimes, i stumbled upon this app. Really, aesthetically talking, we was not impressed because of the gr aphics for we have actually seen better and more visuals that are crisp here. Nevertheless, the love, which will be the primary theme associated with the storyline, is extremely extremely ok. Continue reading