If we had to summarise the answer in one sentence, it would be:

“To understand how to deliver the essence of every conference in the best way such that highly valuable insights are not missed out on and new friendships are easily remembered.”

In order to do that, we suggest the familiar 80-20 Rule. 20% effort for 80% results. For you to gain happy attendees, you have to help the attendees minimise the effort they need to put in to get the most out of your conference. Here below are 5 approaches to having happier conference attendees:
Learning Aids
As most would know, there are 3 types of learning: Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic. Conventional conferences or meetings largely comprise of the first 2 types. However, hybrid conferences enable and enhance all 3 types of learning. For example, more hands-on keying of questions during discussions or breakout sessions.

Thus with technology, such as rented iPads, exclusive and high quality information disseminated during conferences can be more easily remembered because there are more learning aids. For example, breakout sessions or Polling allows attendees to more actively engage themselves with discussions during the conference.
Free time but still productive
We spend a large part of our lives waiting either in anticipation of a better outcome or merely because it was inevitable. The waiting process is frustrating, mundane and wasting the precious time of your attendees. The solution? Give them something to do during pockets of ‘free time’ during the conference. For example, extra articles to read or a share pictures that conference attendees took together – both achievable with a professional Event App.
Tools for creating the right connections
As Aristotle once said, “Man is by nature a social animal”. We love to surround ourselves with friends and share our personal experiences with them. Some say this contributed to the rise of Social Media. But who wouldn’t experience that nostalgic, heartwarming sentiment whenever we look back at our old photos taken with friends and family?
To any businessman, a meaningful connection may end up in future partnerships or collaborations in their business. As simple as it sounds, the camera function on an iPad or other gadgets can provide businessmen with opportunities to network more effectively during your conferences.
Go online
Too much paper can become paperweight. (Pun intended ☺) For businessmen who frequently go on business trips, travelling light is better than bringing extra dead weights. Instead of printing handouts or any other materials used during your conference, why not give them an option of emailing it to themselves?
Impress them
Time is gold, especially to high caliber businessmen. Give them information that is clear, rid of fillers, neatly presented and sorted for better understanding. By providing only the necessary, they would waste neither time nor effort sieving through raw information. Being highly efficient and effective in the delivery of imperative knowledge to attendees is also a sign of good event planning.
Your conference attendees are your valued patrons just like how you are to us. If you’re interested to work together with us, you can reach us at rental@sgpad.com or 6677 1533.
Written by:
Xue Ming ☺


1. Save Costs
No need to hire a data-entry clerk to key in written responses into computer systems after collecting survey forms which might possibly have errors in them.
No need to tediously try to decipher bad handwriting. With a Survey Collection App, digitalized responses are updated instantly into the system hence wasting no time to do the double job of data entry.
Save and reinvest your funds more productively instead of printing and re-printing survey forms.
2. More Complete Data
Mandatory fields on survey forms can be preset and only when all of them have been filled in then can the form be submitted.
3. Greater Efficiency in Collecting and Sorting Data
Survey responses can be automatically sorted into useful data. For example, Google Forms automatically categorise collected responses by question numbers into an excel sheet once it is submitted.
4. Supports Video Function
Integrating videos can liven the mundane process of doing surveys and encourage people to respond better.
5. Greater Appeal
Google Forms have available preset themes to beautify survey forms and create greater incentive to do surveys. Companies can also customize the forms with their company logo to achieve greater credibility.
6. iPads are Portable
The Surveyor can bring it directly to the Surveyee for his or her convenience and encourage him or her to do the survey.
7. Long Term Profitability
As a result of the above, feedback collected is of higher quality. This helps cut slack processes and improve the productivity and efficiency of operations.
8. Real-time Feedback
Such feedback are important for events spanning over 1 day because it can help event organisers avoid making the same mistakes on subsequent days of the event.
All major events require substantial feedback to comprehensively analyse and measure their performance. If you ever need to rent iPads for that purpose, do give us a call at (+65) 6677 1533 or email us at rental@sgpad.com.
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What are Hybrid Meetings

Written by:
Xue Ming


Where is the Power found?
The first step in understanding how hybrid MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Events) can Power-up attendee experience, is to first understand what ‘Hybrid MICE’ is. For that, check out our post on “What is a Hybrid Meeting?” and you’ll realise that the Power lies in Event-based technology.
What exactly is the Power of Hybrid MICE?
To put it specifically, it is the ability to add the elements of allure and sophistication to the experience of MICE attendees. Its Power also refers to its purpose of integrating technology into MICE — differentiating your meetings or conferences from competitors. Be it using iPad kiosks, Event Apps, or other forms of digital signage, they all share this common goal.
How is it Powerful?
This section points out the benefits of Hybrid MICE.
For the Audience:
1. Engage the audience better, at a deeper level and more extensively
2. More interactions with social media enabled Event Apps (Posting, Sharing, Likes), or Polling/Discussion functions
For the Organisers:
1. Leverage on the mask of anonymity to gain more feedback and discussions
2. Better reputation & more attendees returning for other events
When is the Power revealed?
Truth is Evidence. There are 2 occasions when you can see Event-based Technology play its part in benefitting the audience and organisers.
Firstly, During MICE
For example, during an event organized by standard chartered bank, the rental of iPads created a fun factor. For more examples, you can read more by clicking on the links below:
”A day out with the iPads@ Yum’s iMovie Event” and
“iPads for Conference”
Secondly, After MICE
Did you know? By digitising the process of discussions, polling and feedback, post-event evaluation reports can be generated. These reports help in analysing your overall performance for the meeting or conference. On the other hand, the E-mails collected during TradeShows can become valuable sales leads.
Have you empowered your meetings, conferences and events yet?
If you haven’t, it’s time to try. If you have, you’d know the hybrid versions are better than conventional MICE.
Our team at SGPad can offer assistance to any related enquiries, just call us at (+65) 6677 1533 or Email us at rental@sgpad.com!


What is… a ‘hybrid meeting’?
 photo Picture2_zpssxdheadl.png

A hybrid meeting or conference is a term commonly used in the modern business context. Unlike traditional meetings and conferences, this hybrid combines real and virtual aspects. Traditional meetings often involve a one-sided lecture or presentation where the speaker presents content to a passive audience. There is no sure way of telling whether the audience is engaged or otherwise, as no instantaneous feedback is available.
On the other hand, hybrid meetings integrate a virtual element during the meeting to enhance the speaker’s ability to engage the audience. For example, they may use event management apps to garner response. These apps can offer an array of services, such as Polling, Feedback and Schedule functions. The audience can download these apps on their devices (e.g. iPhones, iPads or Laptops) and take on more active roles during the meetings and events. Find out more on Micepad.
Why is it important?

Hybrid meetings are evidence of progress in integrating technology into business processes. It is a step forward into the future of revolutionalising the way meetings are held. adsense ban It also tells your clients that your company is forward looking and self-improving.
What kind of hybrid events have you attended before? ☺
Written by:
Xue Ming


By J.Han

“A simple idea can go a long way in building camaraderie.”

That’s what the SGPad team learnt at Yum!’s offsite event held at the posh Movenpick Heritage Hotel in June. To make the event as fun and engaging as possible for its attendees, the organizers proposed to turn the audience into movie directors for a day by getting them to create their own video productions! Accordingly, (and a little like mad scientists,)  the SGPad team gleefully assembled together iMovie-enabled iPads, each with a package of images and themed music, for the budding cinematographers.
At the event, the SGPad team (who was helping out with editing) was absolutely impressed and amazed by the way the attendees completely threw themselves into the activity! Using SGPad’s iPads, they filmed scenes, angles and artistic panoramic shots. Being fantastic sports, they donned costumes and props, acting out their roles with …well, if not much grace, then certainly aplomb!
Finally, it was time to review everyone’s masterpieces. Uproarious laughter was heard throughout the screening of the videos and the behind-the-scenes footage shot by Intern Liwen.  Everyone had a fantastic time, as evinced by the cries of mirth and loud applause which accompanied each video.
The fun and laughter of our clients infecting our interns as well :)

Rather than doing the typical team building activities, Yum! leveraged on the capabilities of the iPad and iMovie application as a tool of creation, engagement and fun to create maximum enjoyment for their audience. Who said iPads are only tools of efficiency?  With a little innovation and know-how, they can be excellent tools of entertainment too!
How would You leverage on tablet technology during your event?
“SGPad’s partnership was instrumental to the success of this event.  We received several compliments on how enjoyable this event was.  I would like to thank the fantastic team of SGPad for their wonderful efforts!”   – Edwin (Member of Organizing Committee)


By J.Han
Last March, SGPad provided iPad Rental Service to Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) for an event which over 200 high-ranking staff attended. As always, we erased the last user’s information from each iPad, uploaded the Micepad app as per our clients’ request, delivered it and… we beheld Micepad as it worked its magic!
During this event, SCB used Micepad’s Quiz and Live Poll features to ensure knowledge retention, as well as its Canvas feature to design and share group sketches. Drawn by the uniqueness and interactivity of the iPad, the staff soon began to open up to each other unleashed their creative sides.

Check out one of the staff’s masterpieces!

iPad in Conference

When we spoke to the staff, they expressed their enjoyment of being engaged in their unique iPad-based discussions, as well as the excitement and spice it added to the event. A particular staff member appreciated being able to “find the information (she) needed quickly” on the 3G-enabled iPads we provided.
In retrospect, we accomplished another successful event. Our satisfied client too, witnessed how the event had benefited from harnessing the abilities of the iPad. Nonetheless, it was all in a day’s work for the SGPad team.
We hope that after sharing this success story, you will be thinking of other ways you can harness iPads to up the engagement factor at your own events! Our friendly specialists are always ready to listen to your requests, or to customize any event apps you need. Send us an email at rental@sgpad.com to request for a quotation and visit us at http://www.sgpad.com.
Start harnessing the potential of using iPads for conference now!
PS: Each iPad comes with a sleek black casing. We also rent iPad security casings and stands (approx 1.2m in height). There’s something to suit every need!



Standard Chartered’s Country Managers’ Meeting

Our journey has been a really interesting one so far. Today, we would like to tell you a story about one of our most happy and satisfied customers, Standard Chartered Bank.
SC pic 1 

Earlier this year, on 17 and 18 January, they held their Annual Country Managers meeting and brought together 55 of the bank’s country managers from all over the world. They met and discussed key points of action for the upcoming year as well as spent some time hearing from thought leaders from around the world.
Fiona O'Shaughnessy, Head of Delivery Standards

Fiona O’Shaughnessy, Head of Delivery Standards (Leadership Development) at Standard Chartered Bank, was the person-in-charge of this event. While she was exploring ways to make the session more interactive, engaging and productive, she got in touch with us.
Technology is a core driver of progress for the bank and they were willing to work with us to transform the way their events were conducted. Based on their requirements, our team developed a version of Micepad that had a never been implemented before. We introduced a ‘Live Polling’ feature that allowed the speaker to selectively pull out poll questions to the CEOs about different strategic options in real time. Thus enabling us to get feedback instantly on their preferred choice.

The team also added value to the event by suggesting the use of the Micepad Discussion Board to post summaries of teams’ findings during breakout activities.
During the event, one of the speakers wanted to use Micepad Discussion Board summary in his presentation but with a customised view of the comments being projected on the screen. Our Micepad Technical Support team immediately sized up his request and implemented a completely new customised web view within 15 minutes.

“The Micepad app creates a more refined user experience for our senior leader events. They appreciate the ability to find the information they need like delegating biodata or breakout groups immediately. It has also helped us deliver one of the key parts of the events such as capturing brainstorming sessions and outcomes – all without paper or tedious note taking.” says Fiona.
The swift Micepad execution during the event empowered Fiona in meeting her objectives in terms of organising a more engaging and productive meeting. Everyone could record all discussions and get on-the-spot poll results. Micepad also helped the bank to reduce printing of paper, reducing their carbon footprint.
Fiona happily mentioned, “We have both reduced our carbon footprint by eliminating our printing requirements as well as created a more engaging employee experience for delegates who attend our events.”
Fiona recommending SGPad, also put a kind word in for us and said, “They are passionate about what they create, are a joy to work with, are creative and will build on your ideas to improve them. Work with them – you won’t regret it!”