Gay Dating App Grindr users that are still leaking Location Information, Report Indicates

Scientists in britain have demonstrated that Grindr, typically the most popular dating application for homosexual men, will continue to reveal its users’ location information, placing them in danger from stalking, robbery and gay-bashing.

Cyber-security firm Pen Test Partners managed to correctly find users of four popular apps—Grindr that is dating Romeo, Recon while the polyamorous site 3fun—and states a possible 10 million users are in chance of publicity.

“This danger degree is elevated for the community that is LGBT could use these apps in nations with poor peoples legal rights where they might be susceptible to arrest and persecution,” a post in the Pen Test Partners site warns.

Researchers were able to precisely find Grindr users by triangulating location information with an account that is dummy. Getty Images

Most dating app users know some location info is made public—it’s how a apps work. but Pen Test says few realize how precise that given information is, and how effortless it really is to control.

“Imagine a guy turns up for an app that is dating ‘200 meters [650ft] away.’ you’ll draw a radius that is 200m your own personal location on a map and understand he could be someplace in the side of that group. Then move in the future additionally the exact same guy appears as 350m away, and also you move once more in which he is 100m away, then you’re able to draw many of these sectors regarding the map as well and where they intersect will expose where the person is. in the event that you”

Pen Test was able to create results without also going outside—using an account that is dummy a device to offer fake places and do all of the calculations immediately. Continue reading