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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

I personally think that one of the most important attitudes to have at a startup is an immense hunger to learn and adapt. Everything and everyone has something amazing to teach you, should you possess the humility to learn from them.   These days I define startups the way Eric Ries (of the Lean Startup […]

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Marketing Ideas for Rental Businesses

Having been in the rental business for a couple of months now and as a marketing major myself, I’ve realized that marketing and advertising for a smaller niche business is extremely different from marketing a large firm or organization.   We’re currently working on SEO (search engine optimization), Google Adwords, and some word-of-mouth promotions and […]

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A new look (and focus)!

Hey guys! We started out with a great focus on tourists! Our initial hypothesis was that tourists would be our main focus as they would be away from home and could use iPads pre-loaded with all sorts of localized applications to explore sunny Singapore in a whole new awesome light but over time, we […]

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Fitting the charm of Singapore into the hands of travelers.

Hey guys! This is going to be our very first blog post! In this first post, we just want to share with you guys out there a little bit about who we are and what we do! SGPad is a new service in Singapore that focuses on providing quick iPad rental to tourists and businesses […]