Putting Steve Jobs’ iPad to Innovative Use (Episode 2)

Hello Readers! Hope you’ve enjoyed Episode 1 of this series, cause we’re back with more. Check these out:
iPad Meets Animals

We’re not the only species who loves the iPad. Here’s a video compilation of our furry friends who also enjoy the entertainment that iPads offer. That parrot could have potential to be the next Mozart… or not. I wonder if their owners will rent iPads for them?
iPad 2, Only the Size of An iMac

A product introduction for iPad 2, except with a twist. How many people have seen an iPad with a 27-inch screen? This parody does introduces a few features of an iPad, or in some cases, an iMac. Nonetheless, it does serves its purpose of entertaining the audience with some innovative ways an ”iPad” can be used.
iPad Theatre

Photo Credit: Mashable.com

A movie theatre’s big screen and ambience (i.e. watching movies in a dark room) certainly creates more suspense in the movie experience. It’ll be awesome to bring that experience back home, don’t you agree? The Japanese have created a new concept – “The Cardboard Theatre”. With only a large cardboard box, an iPad and some tools, you can create your very own in-house theatre, with the same ambience of suspense while watching your favourite movies in the dark.

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