What Are Hybrid Meetings?

What is… a ‘hybrid meeting’?
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A hybrid meeting or conference is a term commonly used in the modern business context. Unlike traditional meetings and conferences, this hybrid combines real and virtual aspects. Traditional meetings often involve a one-sided lecture or presentation where the speaker presents content to a passive audience. There is no sure way of telling whether the audience is engaged or otherwise, as no instantaneous feedback is available.
On the other hand, hybrid meetings integrate a virtual element during the meeting to enhance the speaker’s ability to engage the audience. For example, they may use event management apps to garner response. These apps can offer an array of services, such as Polling, Feedback and Schedule functions. The audience can download these apps on their devices (e.g. iPhones, iPads or Laptops) and take on more active roles during the meetings and events. Find out more on Micepad.
Why is it important?

Hybrid meetings are evidence of progress in integrating technology into business processes. It is a step forward into the future of revolutionalising the way meetings are held. adsense ban It also tells your clients that your company is forward looking and self-improving.
What kind of hybrid events have you attended before? ☺
Written by:
Xue Ming