A Day Out with the iPads @ Yum’s iMovie Event

By J.Han

“A simple idea can go a long way in building camaraderie.”

That’s what the SGPad team learnt at Yum!’s offsite event held at the posh Movenpick Heritage Hotel in June. To make the event as fun and engaging as possible for its attendees, the organizers proposed to turn the audience into movie directors for a day by getting them to create their own video productions! Accordingly, (and a little like mad scientists,)  the SGPad team gleefully assembled together iMovie-enabled iPads, each with a package of images and themed music, for the budding cinematographers.
At the event, the SGPad team (who was helping out with editing) was absolutely impressed and amazed by the way the attendees completely threw themselves into the activity! Using SGPad’s iPads, they filmed scenes, angles and artistic panoramic shots. Being fantastic sports, they donned costumes and props, acting out their roles with …well, if not much grace, then certainly aplomb!
Finally, it was time to review everyone’s masterpieces. Uproarious laughter was heard throughout the screening of the videos and the behind-the-scenes footage shot by Intern Liwen.  Everyone had a fantastic time, as evinced by the cries of mirth and loud applause which accompanied each video.
The fun and laughter of our clients infecting our interns as well :)

Rather than doing the typical team building activities, Yum! leveraged on the capabilities of the iPad and iMovie application as a tool of creation, engagement and fun to create maximum enjoyment for their audience. Who said iPads are only tools of efficiency?  With a little innovation and know-how, they can be excellent tools of entertainment too!
How would You leverage on tablet technology during your event?
“SGPad’s partnership was instrumental to the success of this event.  We received several compliments on how enjoyable this event was.  I would like to thank the fantastic team of SGPad for their wonderful efforts!”   – Edwin (Member of Organizing Committee)