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July 8, 2013

A Day Out with the iPads: @ Yum’s iMovie Event

By J.Han

A simple idea can go a long way in building camaraderie.

That’s what the SGPad team learnt at Yum!’s offsite event held at the posh Movenpick Heritage Hotel in June. To make the event as fun and engaging as possible for its attendees, the organizers proposed to turn the audience into movie directors for a day by getting them to create their own video productions! Accordingly, (and a little like mad scientists,)  the SGPad team gleefully assembled together iMovie-enabled iPads, each with a package of images and themed music, for the budding cinematographers.

At the event, the SGPad team (who was helping out with editing) was absolutely impressed and amazed by the way the attendees completely threw themselves into the activity! Using SGPad’s iPads, they filmed scenes, angles and artistic panoramic shots. Being fantastic sports, they donned costumes and props, acting out their roles with …well, if not much grace, then certainly aplomb!

Finally, it was time to review everyone’s masterpieces. Uproarious laughter was heard throughout the screening of the videos and the behind-the-scenes footage shot by Intern Liwen.  Everyone had a fantastic time, as evinced by the cries of mirth and loud applause which accompanied each video.

The fun and laughter of our clients infecting our interns as well :)

The fun and laughter of our clients infecting our interns as well 

 Rather than doing the typical team building activities, Yum! leveraged on the capabilities of the iPad and iMovie application as a tool of creation, engagement and fun  to create maximum enjoyment for their audience. Who said iPads are only tools of efficiency?  With a little innovation and know-how, they can be excellent tools of entertainment too!

How would you leverage on tablet technology during your event?


“SGPad’s partnership was instrumental to the success of this event.  We received several compliments on how enjoyable this event was.  I would like to thank the fantastic team of SGPad for their wonderful efforts!”   - Edwin (Member of Organizing Committee)


May 29, 2013

iPads in Conference

By J.Han

Last March, SGPad provided iPad Rental Service to Standard Chartered Bank for an event which over 200 high-ranking staff attended. We said ok, erased the last user’s information from each iPad, uploaded the Micepad app as per our clients’ request, delivered it and BOOM! We watched as magic happened…

During this event, SCB used Micepad’s Quiz and Live Poll features to ensure knowledge retention, as well as its Canvas feature to design and share group sketches. Drawn by the uniqueness and interactivity of the iPad, the staff soon began to open up to each other, and to reveal their… creative sides.

Check out one of the staff’s masterpieces!

iPad in Conference

Staff we spoke to enjoyed their unique iPad-based discussions, as well as the excitement and spice it added to the event. A particular staff member enjoyed being able to “find the information (she) needed quickly” on the 3G-enabled iPads we provided.

Benefits of renting iPads for Conference

The reduced hassle it brings post-events! No stacks of surveys to compile and tally, no thick information sheets to shred! Simply send yourself the data, and return us the iPads.

Another successful event that has benefited from harnessing the abilities of the iPad, another satisfied client… and just another day’s work at the SGPad lab.

We hope that after sharing this success story, you will be thinking of other ways you can harness iPads to up the engagement factor at your own events! Our friendly specialists are always ready to listen to your requests, or to customize any event apps you need. Visit us at www.sgpad.com for a quotation on iPad rental for harnessing the potential of iPad for conference now!

PS: Each iPad comes with a sleek black casing, and we also rent iPad security casings and stands (approx 1.2m in height). There’s something to suit every need!

April 12, 2013

Innovative Use of the iPad – Part 1

We have been talking about iPad being a useful communication tool at company events. And, you have also been thinking about how to effectively put it to use.

To give you ideas, we will continually bring you examples from the industry on innovative uses of iPad.

1. Burberry, London Fashion Week – Burberry used iPad for an Enhanced In-Store Experience, converting viewing into purchasing Burberry, the high-end fashion wear brand conducted a private viewing of the Burberry collection at the London Fashion Week. They handed over an iPad to the in-store customers to buy the collection immediately through a custom-built Burberry application. Burberry stated that the app “creates luxury customer purchasing experience,” and allows the customers to view relevant video look-books and films. They now have included iPad for customers in 25 Burberry stores in 16 countries.

2. iPad to enhance guests’ experience at hotels - People are surrounded by technology in today’s times. When customers are travelling and staying in a hotel, they suddenly go back in time to 1965, because of not being connected. In order to make their stay better connected, Hotel Indigo in San Diego offered guests with iPad carrying an app to that connects to room service, concierge, housekeeping, and bellman services. Some hotels have also stated to keep iPads at the front desk and allow the guests to use for a short while, making their stay more complete.

3. For the ease of Wine Lovers - South Gate, a restaurant adjacent to New York City’s Central Park, introduced a simpler product search using an iPad. It was the first restaurant in the city to digitize its wine list, in which customers could instantly sort wines by price and type, and gain information about each wine. They had an inventory of over 650 wine labels that usually consumes 30 sheets of paper. The iPad provided a relief for both the management and the diners of South Gate.

We will keep sharing case studies with you and help you think of newer ways to implement it in your events.

April 8, 2013

Why an iPad?

There are LEDs, laptops, Macbooks, then why an iPad?

Whether you are on business event or personal leisure, iPad is the perfect thing for you to have. It’s a product that combines technologically advanced features, ease of use and handling. And everyone eyes it!

What more would you ask for?

iPad is your perfect choice for any event where you are looking to get more eyeballs. We know you are not planning to buy one. That’s where we are there to help you. SGPad has a fleet of iPads for you to rent. Renting will allow you to have the freedom to use the iPad for a specific time span depending on your requirement.

- You can rent it for as many days as you wish.

- You may use it as you like, watch movies after the event

- You get free delivery and pick-up

- You also get apps you require

- You get technical support round the clock.

SGPad offers you easy rental plans starting from a single day to a whole month. We rent iPads to businesses, events, conferences, seminars, tourist groups. Our gadgets are top-notch, in perfect condition, offering our clients the ultimate iPad experience. Our efficient team ensures that you are always taken care of, at every single step, right from order placement till the iPad pick up.

Your iPad is just one step away from you!

Go ahead, contact us at www.SGPad.com today or email us at Rental@SGPad.com now!

It’s our promise, you will never be disappointed!

April 1, 2013

SGPad’s Success Story with Standard Chartered


Standard Chartered’s Country Managers’ Meeting

Our journey has been a really interesting one so far. Today, we would like to tell you a story about one of our most happy and satisfied customers, Standard Chartered Bank.

SC pic 1 

Earlier this year, on 17 and 18 January, they held their Annual Country Managers meeting and brought together 55 of the bank’s country managers from all over the world. They met and discussed key points of action for the upcoming year as well as spent some time hearing from thought leaders from around the world.
Fiona O'Shaughnessy, Head of Delivery Standards

Fiona O’Shaughnessy, Head of Delivery Standards (Leadership Development) at Standard Chartered Bank, was the person-in-charge of this event. While she was exploring ways to make the session more interactive, engaging and productive, she got in touch with us.
Technology is a core driver of progress for the bank and they were willing to work with us to transform the way their events were conducted. Based on their requirements, our team developed a version of Micepad that had a never been implemented before. We introduced a ‘Live Polling’ feature that allowed the speaker to selectively pull out poll questions to the CEOs about different strategic options in real time. Thus enabling us to get feedback instantly on their preferred choice.

The team also added value to the event by suggesting the use of the Micepad Discussion Board to post summaries of teams’ findings during breakout activities.
During the event, one of the speakers wanted to use Micepad Discussion Board summary in his presentation but with a customised view of the comments being projected on the screen. Our Micepad Technical Support team immediately sized up his request and implemented a completely new customised web view within 15 minutes.

“The Micepad app creates a more refined user experience for our senior leader events. They appreciate the ability to find the information they need like delegating biodata or breakout groups immediately. It has also helped us deliver one of the key parts of the events such as capturing brainstorming sessions and outcomes – all without paper or tedious note taking.” says Fiona.
The swift Micepad execution during the event empowered Fiona in meeting her objectives in terms of organising a more engaging and productive meeting. Everyone could record all discussions and get on-the-spot poll results. Micepad also helped the bank to reduce printing of paper, reducing their carbon footprint.
Fiona happily mentioned, “We have both reduced our carbon footprint by eliminating our printing requirements as well as created a more engaging employee experience for delegates who attend our events.”
Fiona recommending SGPad, also put a kind word in for us and said, “They are passionate about what they create, are a joy to work with, are creative and will build on your ideas to improve them. Work with them – you won’t regret it!”

March 26, 2013

“Shouldn’t we buy our own iPads?” We know that’s on your mind.

When you hear iPad rentals, the first question that comes to your mind might be: ‘Why rent? I might as well buy my own.’

Pearson 2

Well, there are a lot of factors you should consider. After servicing hundreds of clients, we gathered the following list of reasons on why our clients rent iPads from us:

  1. Advancement of Technology: Today, the world is evolving at a much faster pace than we can imagine. By the time we decide to buy a gadget, a newer or enhanced version is already available or about to be launched. The investment you made in purchasing the new device will not be worth it in time to come when there is a newer version following suit just after a short period of time
  2. Maintenance Cost: Every gadget requires maintenance and updates. Thus, the expenditures do not end at the point of purchase. In the event of system failures or flitches, you will require newer accessories, technological upgrades, application developments and repair cost allocations.
  3. Safe Storage Space: In order to keep your gadgets in good working condition, a proper storage space is necessary. This requires you to either create new space or make space for it.
  4. Starting capital: If your company is a large corporation, purchasing numerous computers, iPads and electronic devices, is a must, even though it requires manpower, buying and maintenance costs and storage spaces etc. However, if your company is a start-up or a small business, you would not want to invest in expensive devices right now, but instead use the capital to attract talented people into the company.
  5. Customised App Development: Purchasing customised presentations, apps, or programs are immensely helpful for promoting your company. Yet again, this involves extra costs and manpower allocation.

Still not convinced? Don’t worry, we have a preposition to solve your dilemma.

We, at SGPad rent iPads on an affordable daily rate, with no extra costs and free maintenance during your rental period. We also offer discounts for bulk rentals!

Pearson 3

That’s not all, the best part is that we can also provide you with a Customized App to effectively market your product and/or services. These are developed by our iPad Engagement Specialists who have worked with leading banks, consulting companies and government agencies. Due to these relevant and extensive exposure, our team has much experience and knowledge in this field. Coupling this with smart intellect, we believe that we are able to come up with an engaging App that suits your needs.

Not only is SGPad the solution to getting iPads for your events, it also comes with an added bonus –  for you, there is no hassle!

So why hesitate further? Visit us at www.SGPad.com and send us an email at Rental@SGPad.com now!

We’ll get back to you in no time. :)

March 11, 2013

Micepad: Professionally Customised Conference Apps!

Hey all! I know we’ve been really silent on the blog and on Facebook lately but the team has been working real hard on deploying, improving and marketing our latest product Micepad!


All You Need for a Conference of the Future

All You Need for a Conference of the Future


What is Micepad?
Micepad helps event organizers implement paperless conferences via mobile applications. Not only does it neatly display thousands of pages worth of content on the iPad, it also captivates your audience via our exciting enagagement tools. Together with the complete support of our Micepad Engagement Specialists, organising a conference of the future has never been easier.


Micepad's Core Features

Micepad’s Core Features


Micepad has success in its collaborations with established financial institutions like Standard Chartered as well as international forums like the Global Social Innovators Forum 2012.


Do contact us at enquiry@micepadapp.com for more information on hosting your very own paperless conference today!

November 24, 2012

iPad 4 LTE Rental in Singapore

SGPad is the only iPad rental company in Singapore to offer LTE iPad Rental. Get up to speed with the fastest mobile broadband speed in Singapore and twice the processor performance of the earlier generation iPads. Our latest iPads also comes with HD Retina front-facing Camera and dual-band wifi offering data transfers of up to 150mbps.  For more information on renting the iPad 4, please contact rental@sgpad.com or call 6677 1533.


August 12, 2012

Zuji Singapore’s Top Secret Hotel Event


SGPad proudly deployed iPads last week for Zuji Singapore‘s new product launch event: <Top Secret Hotel>.


At the start of the event, VIPs and guests were given new identities as ‘Secret Agents’ and were all tasked to complete a <Top Secret Hotel> mission. Instead booking hotels via traditional methods, Secret Agents simply choose a date and destination using their iPads on the spot and Zuji Singapore will give them the hotel’s location, star rating and description.
So whats the Secret? Well, Secret Agents don’t know about the hotel that they have booked until the booking process is completed. When the secret is revealed, all the Secret Agents were pleasantly satisfied with their bookings knowing that Zuji only works with top hotels of 4 to 5 star ratings with a lowest price guarantee.
Do check out this innovative product from Zuji that promises a brand new experience of hotel booking! Below are some photos taken during the event held at Ann Siang Hill:




July 23, 2012

SGPad organizes iPad Training Workshops!

Over the past few weeks, the SGPad team has been actively working with a team of fellow entrepreneurs from the Meet The Entrepreneurs (MTE) organization to raise funds for D’Artistes, an organization which aims to help intellectually disabled children realize their full artistic potential.

D'Artistes in action!

In order to raise funds, the team has been organizing a number of business related events that leverage on the shared experience of the six team members. So far, we’ve organized two business networking nights, a branding workshop organized by Healing Touch founder and CEO, Mr. Joshua Lung, and an iPad Basic Exploration workshop organized by SGPad’s very own Marketing Dragon!

Our Marketing Dragon conducting the workshop!

The focus for the iPad Basic Exploration Workshop was to help introduce tablets and popular apps to those new and unfamilia with smartphones and tablets. We had an amazing time guiding our attendees on iPad basics – on how to use Skype for teleconferencing, Pulse to read their favourite blogs and even Dropbox to keep all their files with them on the go! (If you have a group of interested individuals who want to get together for an iPad Basic Exploration workshop, please do drop us an email at rental@SGPad.com).

This week, we’ll be organizing a more advanced workshop aimed at helping businesspeople fully understand the capabilities of current generation smartphones and tablets, as well as how they can transform their businesses by leveraging on the power of mobile applications. Support us if you’re free tomorrow evening!

Here are the details:

Mobile Power Made Easy: Transforming Your Business With Mobile Apps

Date, Time, Venue: 24th July, 7:15pm, MTE Cafe, 23A Smith Street.

Course Fee: $20 (extra contributions for charity are welcome if you really feel like you got great value out of this)

Course description:

Millions of dollars are made every day because people and business understand the growing power of mobile technologies.

Caught without a technical background but want to stay current? Want to learn the principles behind designing unique solutions to supercharge your own business (just like how Mark Zuckerberg put Facebook in your pocket)?

You’ll discover the answer in the enlightening, welcoming session with a young but experienced mobile startup founder, Managing Director of SGPad.com, Mr. Kevin Chan.

In the course, even non-techies can:

1. Understand the capabilities of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets

2. Comprehend new and upcoming mobile trends like NFC

3. Without any prior experience, design app concepts that can transform your own business.

All proceeds will go to our charity of choice, D’Artistes, a charity that supports the artistic development of intellectually disabled children. Do great charity and future proof your business in one awesome night – what are you waiting for?